Greater than circumstances 

Yesterday I woke up to the news that my parents car caught fire and burned on the side of a road, praise the Lord that my sister got out safely. But now we’re a car down.

The weeks before that my grandpa was in the hositpal again. But now he’s home and resting.

Yesterday I found out that a job I really wanted was filled and actually went to a person I knew who graduated after me. Happy for them, upsetting for me. But I know there’s a better job out there for me.

I say all this to say, God is FAR greater than any circumstances I could face. I wasn’t trying to complain, just show that it’s been a rough few weeks. I could let those circumstances keep me down. In fact, I struggled yesterday to be happy, to trust God, to be positive. My flesh fought to worry and be angry. But I’m thankful I’m surrounded by such a great and God fearing community. 

All my friends and family, even my blogging community, rallied around me to remind me how in control God really is in my life.  God is higher than me and He has such a beautiful plan for my life. We can’t let the valleys define us. We must praise Him in the mountains and the valleys.

I might not see the point to the trials life brings but there’s always a point. God is never not in control. 

If anyone would have had a reason to hate God and not trust His plans, it would have been Jesus. He was literally sent to die. But Jesus knew that God was greater than His suffering and what He would face. Jesus was sent to not only save us and die on that cross for us but to act as a guide for our lives. Today I’m choosing to trust like Jesus did. I’m choosing to take that leap of faith and continue to praise even when my heart might be heavy or the world throws me some punches.

God is greater than my circumstances 

God is greater than my fears 

God is greater than my problems 

God is greater than my mind can comprehend 

My God is greater. 

Are you trusting God with your circumstances? Or are you trying to let your flesh win. Do you truly know that He is greater? 

My prayer is to trust Him and remember that He is greater and the valleys don’t define me. We will find a car. My grandpa is home and relatively healthy. And I will find a job when it’s time. No circumstance I face is to big or to hard for God. He already has my life set out and planned and I just have to have faith. I must walk in faith even when I don’t understand. Faith requires a leap and I’m ready to take it. 

It’s not something I’ll never struggle with but I’m praying for peace and patience as I wait to see what God has in store for me. 

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