Your praise will ever be on my lips

Picture this: You receive bad news. A friend dies. You lose your job. You declare bankruptcy. Your child dies. You lose your mom. You have to move. You face your parents murderer.

If you faced any of these situations, what would be coming out of your lips? Would praise still be on your lips? Would you be shouting hate and anger? Or would you continue to praise and worship the Lord with your words and your actions?

“Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips…”  

Can you speak those words and mean them? Can you confidently sing those simple words and know that whatever you face, you will still be praising Him with your lips? I know there have been times in my life when I know His praises weren’t always on my lips. But right now, my heart is focused on making that phrase true in my life no matter what I am faced with.

This song is a constant reminder that no matter what comes up, I should be praising Him. I want HIS praise to ever be on my lips even in the wake of tragedy, fear, hate, etc. Anything I could ever face is not too big for God. The grace of God far extends over us and covers all our weaknesses; even in times of tragedy and heartache. Therefore, our first instinct should always be to have His praise coming through our lips. 

Beyond that, God deserves our praise no matter how we feel about a situation. Gods love for us isn’t based on our deeds or situation; therefore, our love and devotion to Him should not be based on how good our lives are at a given time. He never turns His back on us, why should we turn our focus and praises off of Him? 

My family lost someone yesterday. We weren’t prepared for it. It stung and hurt. But we are keeping God as our focus and praising Him through the tragedy. He is our only hope. 

As Christians, one way we show our faith is how we react to situations and hard times. If we are constantly focusing on praise coming from our lips-we’re more likely to respond in those situations with grace and patience.  I want my life to be an example of somehow who is continuely speaking Gods praises. This song is a declaration to God that HE will be praised no matter what. A reminder to us all of what should be on our lips. 

ever be


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