December Favorites 2016

Welcome to a whole new year! This post will wrap up a whole year of monthly favorites posts! I must say these are some of my favorite posts to create and share with y'all! December was full of some amazing products! I narrowed it down to a few absolute favorites for y'all and I'm sure … Continue reading December Favorites 2016

May Favorites 2016

I always love the ending of may and the beginning of JUNE!!! Why you ask?? June just happens to be my birthday month. But before we get into June, I wanted to share my monthly favorites from May! May has been a great month overall and I have a lot of amazing products that I … Continue reading May Favorites 2016

Zoella Beauty

IT'S MAKEUP MONDAY, YA'LL! I am probably most excited about this theme day because it is getting me out of my comfort zone. I am falling in love with all things makeup and beauty related. This is something I very rarely blog on so I am excited to share these posts with you on makeup … Continue reading Zoella Beauty