My Photography Essentials 

If you didn’t know, W&W is also my photography business! I’m still learning but have already came so far in just two years. While I’m not expert, I wanted to share my personal Photography Essentials.

There’s are just my go-tos, yours might be different! But I love seeing what others use in their business! Like I said I’m still new, so I’m slowly building up my props and gear! Feel free to tell me a few other things you think I might need!

I do newborn, maternity, fresh 48, senior, family, birth, etc. so I don’t always use the same gear but I am just going to share my base gear and essentials I use for almost all of my shoots. I will also link everything that is still available to buy in case you want to get yours as well! I hope you find this interesting, here we go! Also, ironically this isn’t sponsored by Amazon, even though most of this is from it-I just love it!

Nikon D3100 with kit lens 

I believe that this one is now discontinued because its fairly old, but it does me just fine. I currently only have the kit lens but I am looking to add another one here in a few months! I love this camera, I can work it well and I am even still learning all the things that it does.


Neewer 32″ 5-in-1 collapsible disc reflector

This is a new purchase that I am still learning about, but it was extremely affordable and has been a huge help already. Amazon once again is my saving grace and had these for under $15. I know there are much better quality out there but for me, just learning how to use them, this was perfect. If you aren’t familiar with these, the picture is confusing. It is actually one disc with different outside coverings that you can turn inside out for other colors; perfect for travel! It is portable and collapsible and fits perfectly in my bag. It has gold, silver, translucent, white, and black-all you could need! 61xV+5KZUqL._SL1001_

Vera Bradly Campus Backpack as camera bag

This one is possibly controversial, ha! I know it isn’t a typical camera backpack but I love it. It can stay on my back so I don’t have to carry anything. I also bought some inserts so the camera would stay safe which I will mention next. It has inside pockets where I keep batteries and chargers. Honestly I bought it so on sale it was much cheaper than any of the camera bags I first saw. It also has a good outside pocket where I keep smaller props like onsies, ducks, confetti, etc.


Camera travel protection insert

Honestly, this little bag is perfect! It can take any bag and make it into a camera bag. I sit this in the bottom of my backpack and the camera and lens fit perfectly into it. Amazon carries it for under $13 and eligible for prime. One of my favorite essentials! 91U+rEvG7NL._SL1500_

EN-EL14 travel charger

I am honestly ashamed by how many chargers I seem to lose. I will probably find about 5 if ever move houses because I seem to lose them right and left. But thanks to Amazon again, they have them really inexpensive. This is my favorite charger because it has both a plug in and a car charger adapter, perfect for if you are on the road and need to charge. But it is always good to have one at home and one in my camera bag as well. 71yZSCu3PlL._SL1500_

San Disk Memory Card 

While there are many different kinds of SD cards, I tend to buy San Disk. I had to buy them for a college class anyway and have just always liked this brand. I have never had any problems with them so far either. Right now I have a 32 and an 8 but am looking to add maybe a few 16’s just so I have enough and don’t have to constantly delete things off my 8.


Fur rug from Ikea 

The link and picture isn’t the exact on I have but it is the closest I could find for you to get! I do a good amount of newborn and child shoots so this is so perfect! I picked it up at Ikea and it is amazing. It is a great size for little ones and mine is a light grey so goes with boy or girl! If you don’t have something like this, get ya one! I found a similar one at Hobby Lobby too.


Three Step Ladder 

I’m honestly not sure that this is the exact same ladder as I have, but I linked it anyway. The ladder I use is my grandparents old one that they have had for years. As a 5’2 photographer, most of my clients are much taller than me; which proves for awful angles! I prefer shots from almost a little above them if its face on to provide my clients with the best angle. So in comes the ladder! Some might need only a step stool, but I prefer this on because it gives me some much needed support and a handle if I need to balance if I am doing flat-lay shots.


I am currently looking for a newborn posing bag, so if you know anyone or place that sells them…let me know!! If you’re in Oklahoma, i’d love to be your photographer! For more info see my photography page.

What are YOUR photography essentials?? I’d love to hear!

Welcoming Baby G! {Part 2}

Welcome back! Yesterday I shared labor and delivery pictures on “Welcoming Baby G! {Part 1}.” If you haven’t taken a look, I highly encourage you to! Pictures are honestly worth a thousand words and these are such incredible moments I was able to capture.

Today is all about the tiniest, cutest little guy and his newborn shots! Babies are so adorable and I love getting to snap pictures of them at any age, but newborns are the best! It is often a long process but oh so worth it.

Baby G was a perfect model and made ever shot such a great one! Here are my favorites, enjoy!


Maternity Session 9/4/16

Happy Favorites Friday!! ….on a Saturday! I mean hey, better late than never right? Today I wanted to share a few shots from a recent maternity session I did.

I really think that maternity sessions are some of my favorite things to shoot. I love capturing those moments with the mom and her baby bump: so beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this shoot, enjoy!






Which one is your favorite?? Let me know!

Recent photo session 

It is a beautiful Friday! I am thankful for a long weekend with my family coming up and in honor of that (and my sister’s recent birthday), I wanted to share a few favorite photos from a recent photography session I did for my sister.

I love snapping photos. I never thought I’d be into phitography, but I am! I’m trying to practice because practice makes perfect, right?

The following are some of my favorites of my beautiful sister! I love having a family that doesn’t mind letting me practice my talents on them!



What’s your favorite one?? Let me know in the comments.

Newborn Photography

Good afternoon friends! Today is Sunday, which means that it is time for “Sunday Special!” I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures from a recent newborn photo shoot I did. This little guy is such a handsome one! I was so excited to meet him and I had such a fun time shooting this session. Here we go!

I love a good detail shot.


DSC_1171 (2)DSC_1219 (2)

A mothers love is just breathtaking.

DSC_1145DSC_1215 (2)

Baby expressions might be the best ones of all.

DSC_1184DSC_1227 (2)

Lastly, these are probably my two favorite of the whole bunch. DSC_1315 (2)DSC_1345 (2)

I hope you enjoyed these! Which one was your favorite?

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Photography: Maternity and Family Photo Shoot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hello Friends! I hope your fall is going wonderfully. I wanted to share with you a few photos from my first ever session as PHOTOGRAPHER! I am so thankful to have some amazing friends that saw my potential through my iPhone Photography pictures and asked me to take their maternity/family pictures. Of course, I said YES! It made it easier that these were good friends of mine that believed in me, even when I was unsure I was talented enough to take their pictures.

It was a cloudy and fairly cool morning in October-but we pressed on! At first I was worried about the lack of sunlight, but it actually turned out really well. I tried to remember all the things I have learned in my iPhone photography classes, art classes, etc. to pull off some great images. (i.e. rule of thirds, negative space, not over saturating, etc.)

I am honestly in love with these images! It was one of those times I really thanked God for letting me use my talent for someone I cared for…I really wanted them to be good enough for my friends and I am so happy they love them. I wanted to share an overview of the images which you can see in the slideshow above but I also wanted to highlight a few of my favorites!

editing 13

I love this image. The brilliant green behind the cute little baby shoes…perfect!

DSC_0597 (2)

Daddy and Daughter…so perfect!


I always love a focal point…so I couldn’t resist.



I spy a baby bump!

What do you think friends? Would you hire me? 🙂 Hoping to start doing more photography as I go along. I will be posting about potential business opportunities later this week, so stay tuned! I am excited about the future.

XO, Hilary

Graduation Vacation: photography 

Hello friends! I am back from an incredible cruise on the Navigator of the seas! It was much needed and I wish I was still on the white sand beach of Jamaica with my family. But of course, all good things must come to an end. 

Coming back from vacation is always hard. So to help with my withdrawal, I thought I would blog about some of my trip. It will be a series of posts throughout the week! This first one, I wanted to share some of the photography I took while we were away. Sunsets, beaches, crystal clear water…all Gods masterpieces just waiting to be photographed! So sit back and enjoy the images of the beautiful things I saw while on vacation. 

1. This was taken at the port in Jamaica. The colors were so vibrant. 

2.   Sunset from the first night we were on the ship. What a way to start vacation! 

3.   Incredible water coming into a rock beach in Cozumel, Mexico. 

4.   This photo is so beautiful in black and white- calm waters under the bright sun! (Somewhere on international waters) 

5.   Red stripe beach in Falmouth Jamaica. 

6.   Heading in a bus to the beach in Jamaica, I snapped this picture overlooking the water. (That was one of the bumpiest rides I have ever taken)

7.   First time to use my waterproof iPhone case, and it was perfect! Love this half under half above the ocean shot. 

8.   Our ship! This was taken while on the tender that took us to the port in Grand Cayman. 

9.   Guilty…I LOVE contrast. And emphasis on light and dark. 

10.  Hello Grand Cayman! 
Stay tuned for more insight into my graduation vacation! I’m excited to share some of my favorite moments. Until later this week!