He’s in the waiting 

If you’ve been around W&W for a while, you’ll know I’ve been in about a year and a half long waiting season. Waiting for a job. Waiting for a husband. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I know this is something I speak of often, and for that I am sorry, but my goal with WW is to be honest and share what God is doing in my life. I have a feeling I’m not the only one waiting.

If I’m honest, this season has been lonely at times and there are moments when I feel like God has forgotten my requests and my future. I face interview after interview, and no after no. My student loans need to be paid and are a reminder of the degree that I paid for and have yet to use. It’s easy to begin to think that God has left me here to fend for myself. Satan loves to make us doubt Gods hand in our lives. He is quick to make us impatient, selfish, and bitter about the seasons that are rough or long.

As I listened to the song Take Courage by Bethel Music I was overcome with the truth of Gods promises. I was overwhelmed with His steadfast love to be with us in every season, including the waiting. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in what we want for our lives and what we think we need that we forget that Gods plans and ways are higher. I might not want this season of waiting, but there’s a reason I am right where I am.

In those seasons of waiting, I think it is easy for us to feel abandoned and that God has sent us here as a punishment. If we are real with ourselves….we are angry about these seasons. But God is in the waiting. He is in the tears we cry, the prayers we shout, and the future we long for. I have to remind myself that every no might be keeping me from harm or a bad situation; maybe the no is leading me to an even greater yes. He will reveal all in His time. Just like the song says,

“Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting
He’s in the waiting
Hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He’s never failing
He’s never failing” 

God doesn’t promise our lives will be easy but He does promise eternal victory and that we will never be alone. He doesn’t promise that our problems will go away but He does promise that He will help us face them. This song is such an encouragement to me. It was like it was written just for me. Songs let us speak what our hearts and minds often cannot.

We must have courage and hope during all seasons. even the lonely ones. He is in the waiting, the trials, the fear, and all seasons. Don’t let Satan steal your hope and your joy. He will reveal your future when it is His right timing. He fulfills His promises we just have to hold on. He is faithful to finish what He started, we just have to have courage and patience.

Hold on friends, God is there.

May Favorites 2017

Happy Tuesday! I normally post on Mondays, but seeing as yesterday was a holiday, I pushed the post to today! I hope everyone had a beautiful and safe Memorial Day! It’s always a special time to honor those who have fallen and continue to serve. I spent the day shopping and then a movie and homemade burgers with my family.

This week signals the end of May and the beginning of June, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share my monthly favorites! Today is all about the products I’ve been loving this past month! You know how it goes, so I’ll just get into the products! 

 Colourpop Highlighter // Flexitarian 

I shared this highlighter in my Colourpop Haul post a few weeks ago and I have been loving this all month! While it is pretty shocking, it is a very natural color. I personally am not a huge fan of pink or purple hued highlighters…I prefer nude colors like gold or champagne. This formula is a bit odd..its almost cream to powder but not a typical cream. It is so soft and buttery. I will say, you have to use a very dense brush or your fingers to apply! The application is a little tricky till you figure out how to work with it.

Various Single Pressed Shadows 


  1. MAC Quarry (matte)
  2. Colourpop Goody Two-Shoes (Metallic)
  3. Colourpop Silver Lining (Matte)

First off, Quarry is a wonderful transition shade and crease shade. It is a beautiful matte plummy, grey color with a little hint of brown. I use this almost every time I do makeup because it is so versatile. Goody Two-shoes is a brilliant metallic silver, grey color. The shimmer is fine and really makes the eyes pop. Silver Lining is a beautiful matte purple color that I really needed for when I do a plum smoky eye. This is perfect for the lid or the crease depending on what look i’m going for that day.  All three of these are so smooth, easy to apply, and extremely pigmented.

Bath and Body Fragrance Mist // Endless Weekend 


I bought my grandmother some amazing Bath and Body goodies for Mothers Day and I picked up this little beauty for myself! I am loving their body sprays right now. They are perfect to keep in my purse and throw on when I need a little refresh and smell good. Endless Weekend is a blend of magnolia, raspberry, and sandalwood; overall very refreshing and bright scent. Also, they’re still doing a great sale- buy 3 get 2 free so go get yourself one!

Nexxus City Shield Regimen


I received this Nexxus regimen complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I have used this shampoo, condition, and creme this month and have loved the results! This is a City Shield set that is for all hair types. This is supposed to help protect your hair from the humidity and harmful things in the environment around us. I love that it helps reduce frizz and help the keep it styled all day long. The set is enriched with wheat protein and Indian Lotus Extract. It smells amazing and really helps make my hair feel healthy and stay styled.

Lipsense // Dark Pink DSC_1997.JPG

I have been bitten by the Lipsense bug. I am planning to do a full review but this month I have been LOVING the shade Dark Pink. I think it is perfect for spring and summer; it is the perfect everyday pink. It isn’t too dark or too bright but just right for a beautiful look! If you haven’t heard about Lipsense, then you need to check it out. You apply three layers of color, apply gloss on top of that, and it lasts so much longer than any other lip product that I have tried to date. More info to come! DSC_1999.JPG

Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush // Something About Berry 


I know I have mentioned this in a favorites in the past, but this month I just can’t get enough of it! I had it put away and not using it for a while and just started using it again! Too Faced knows how to make a blush…that is for sure. This is the perfect pink blush, by far, my favorite! I love the look this gives off! It isn’t too bright and it has a fine shimmer that is subtle. I love to swirl and get the three shades all together. And I mean the packaging is just amazing, am I right?? Definitely glad I picked this up on a sale a while back! DSC_1982.JPG

What have you been loving this last month?? Let me know! I’d love some new ideas for the month of June! XO

Easy Home Whitening for Sensitive Teeth + Giveaway

*This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Smile Brilliant but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Hello friends! Today I am excited to announce my partnership with Smile Brilliant to inform you about their easy at-home teeth whitening system; and give YOU an opportunity to win some yourself! Read till the end for a chance to enter the giveaway and receive a coupon off your order!

The whole kit for sensitive teeth as it comes

If I’m honest, I struggle with letting my true smile out because my teeth are definitely stained and worn. My coffee and tea addiction really hurts the color and quality of my smile. So when I was contacted by the amazing people at Smile Brilliant, I knew it was something I needed to go forward with at once!

Smile Brilliant allows you to make custom fitted trays at home, mail them back, then receive your molds and start your sessions to a better and whiter smile! Now this was a big deal for me. I, like many, are terrified of the dentist; so knowing I could make the molds in the comfort of my own home without having to sit in a dentist chair or use generic trays was a BIG positive of this company.

I also have extremely sensitive teeth so the fact that this product is tailored to help sensitive teeth is amazing!  So if you have sensitive teeth or are prone to sensitivity like me, don’t worry, this kit is perfect for you! Also, for those who are cognitive of what you put in your body, Smile Brilliant’s ingredients are vegan and cruelty free!

Today I am giving you a little run down of the process and my first impressions! I will post an updated review in a few weeks to show you my results! HINT: I could already tell a difference after only two treatments. Also, if you have questions about getting started, Smile Brilliant has 7 things to know before buying to help answer any questions.

Step 1

Order your package, either sensitive or non-sensitive, and get ready to do some easy at-home whitening! Each package includes: whitening gel, impression trays, custom work on your impressions, desensitize gel (if you order the sensitive package), 3 way postage, and 3 sets of the impression material. They also allow you to choose how many applications you want, based on the level of stains you have; which I love because you can tailor it to your needs. I highly suggest if you have sensitive teeth in the slightest to get the sensitive package. That is what I have used and I love using the desensitize gel to help my teeth throughout the process.


Step 2 

When your package arrives, it is time to make your molds! I promise this is easy and not as intimidating as it sounds. All you do is mix the base and the catalyst together, apply it to impression molds, and press the mix into your teeth (one at a time). Once you wait the allotted time, take the impressions out and mail them back in the pre-addressed and paid for return envelope. Mailing them back is so easy and they make it a simple step in the process.


Step 3 

Once your custom fitted trays are mailed back to you, you can start the process! The process is very simple:

  • Wash your teeth with water
  • Apply whitening gel to the trays
  • Wear the trays for 45 minutes to 3 hours
  • Take them out and wash your teeth with toothpaste
  • wash off trays and pat dry
  • apply desensitizing gel to the trays
  • wear the trays for 15-20 minute
  • DO NOT brush teeth after this, spit out the excess and clean your trays

These are the steps in their simplest form. Your package will come with full instructions, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse at how easy and fast Smile Brilliant makes getting your teeth brighter and whiter.

I can’t wait to update you on the process but so far, I am loving it and already seeing results. The process is easy and Smile Brilliant makes it easy to achieve whiter teeth all while catering to your sensitivity.


Want a chance to win $139 worth of product from Smile Brilliant?? All you have to do is fill out this information in the link given and wait to see if you win!  http://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/writingsandworship 

This giveaway will run from 5/17 until 5/31 and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia! Don’t forget to enter through the link above!!


Interested in getting 5% off your purchase? Use the code writingsandworship5 on your order to receive 5% off!


Colourpop Haul // First Impressions

Happy Monday friends, I hope it’s being good to you! Today is Makeup Monday and it is my favorite kind of post…a haul! I recently bought a good little haul from Colourpop and wanted to share it with you-along with my first impressions of the products.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, I am so sorry, and I am about to enlighten you! If you’ve heard of it but never purchased from it, this might convince you too!

I will say that my one drawback to Colourpop is that you have to rely solely on other people’s swatches or descriptions of the product because there is no actual store. So you sometimes gamble with whether or not you will like the colors since you cannot look at it for yourself first.

But other than that- the quality and price of this brand is amazing! So here we go!


Blotted Lip // Ice Cube


This is a new product from Colourpop called the “blotted lip” my first impression is that it is a cross between a balm and a lipstick. It is pigmented but not just shockingly so. It is a lightweight sheer, and matte lip in a cool toned berry shade. They say that it is build-able and I completely agree. It really seems like a no mess, no hassle lip product you can throw on when you don’t have time to worry about other lipsticks. So far, I love it!

Pressed Shadow // Liar Liar 


I am in love with their pressed eyeshadows so far! They were running a special (and still are) that you can buy 3 SHADOWS for $10!! Which equals out to one for free, I really suggest you take advantage of this special offer! Anyway, Liar Liar is a pale, shimmery pink shade. It is very pale next to my skin, in fact a swatch was impossible, but I think it will be perfect for the eyes to add a little bright shimmer to the lid. It is very metallic and shimmery, so the light really catches the shimmer but other than that…the color is extremely pale! The formula is amazing-smooth and buttery!

Pressed Powder // Silver Lining 


I know what you’re thinking, but Silver Lining isn’t silver-its purple! The same formula as Liar Liar, this matte purple is perfect for the crease or the lid. I have some great deep purples and lavenders, I really needed a middle shade between them and this is perfect! Make sure you head to my Instagram and check out my stories for some real-time swatches of this shadow! 

Lippie Stix // Brink 


You know that gamble I was talking about earlier with the problem of buying online? This is an example. All the swatches of this Lippie Stix in Brink, I loved! But seeing it in person and swatched…I don’t like it-it is way to brown and warm for me. I will probably be passing this to my mom or sister. The formula though is, of course, amazing! I love the silky texture on my lips! This shade is a matte.

Super Shock Cheek // Cruel Intentions


I couldn’t resist touching this blush, so the little design is gone! But these blushes are so unique and pigmented! This shade is a little more warm than I wanted, but so far I am still liking it! It has a cream consistency that is buttery smooth. I do find it a little hard to get on the brush, but I am sure with time I will learn how best to apply. I do love that this is matte though, matte blushes are a little harder to find than shimmer ones.

Pressed Shadow // Goody Two-Shoes


This shade is my favorite! It is a gunmetal metallic that is just stunning! It is a deep, dark silver that is packed full of shimmer! The same buttery formula feels so good on the skin! I am so glad I bought this shade because it is just beautiful!

Super Shock Highlighter // Flexitarian 


Super Shock is the perfect title because this highlighter is AMAZING. The color pay off is shocking and super bold. But it is build-able so it is easy to wear for any occasion. This is a pearlized, champagne-silver toned highlight which is the shade of highlight I prefer. It looks natural and almost skin toned but the light brings out that shimmer so well! Just like the blush, this is a cream to powder feel, and I have been using a pretty dense brush to pick up the cream well.

Have you ever purchased anything from Colourpop?? Let me know what your favorite thing is from them! I hope you enjoyed this haul! Until Wednesday, XO

Remember to check out my Instagram for more swatches!

PSSST, stay tuned for tomorrow for a fun sponsored post that involves a giveaway!

5 songs for the joyful

A few weeks ago I shared 5 songs for the weary and I really loved that post because those were songs that had really touched my heart and lifted me up out of the valley. However, not all seasons are seasons of weariness and struggle. We tend to focus on the bad and forget the good. We seek God the most when we are broken and need Him.

God deserves our praise and attention at all times not just those valleys but the mountains too. We need to praise and be joyful no matter what we face in life. Today I wanted to focus on being joyful and grateful so I am sharing 5 songs for the joyful. I’ve noticed that one thing that makes a song “joyful” is the beat. If you listen to these 5, you’ll notice a pattern of a faster tempo and fun beat compared to the songs for the weary.

Only Your Love // Kari Jobe

While Kari Jobe writes some incredible anthems for the broken and hurting, she also knows how to be joyful and give God that praise and honor. “Only Your Love” is all about who God is and what His love is about. It’s upbeat and exciting and reminds us why we love the Lord. I always am reminded how thankful I am for the Lords love and His and in my life when I worship to this song. When we focus on who GOD is and less than who we are, we find more joy.  Listen here.

“Your love is overwhelming
Brought me to life again
Your love, it lasts forever
In You there’ll be no end.”

Your Love Never Fails // Jesus Culture

Joy comes in the morning. That phrase is the whole idea of this song. His love never fails and because of that, joy comes every morning, even if the night is long. What else could make us joyful but that simple fact? Oceans rage, nights are long, but none of that matters because God is working it out for our good and His purpose. Part of being joyful is knowing that God is never failing; God gives us comfort because when the world fails He never will. Listen here.

“You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There maybe pain in the night but joy comes in the morning”

Open up the Heavens // Meredith Andrews

Show us your glory, Lord! There is nothing more joyful than looking up to the heavens and asking to see God. Another upbeat song, “Open up the Heavens” is an exciting song that is fun to sing but has incredibly powerful lyrics. We want God to hear our praise and to feel our joy. We need to ask for more of God when we are joyful not just forget Him when things are going well. The Bible says that the Heavens declare the glory of God; talk about joy. Listen here.

Open up the heavens
We want to see you
Open up the floodgates
A mighty river
Flowing from your heart
Filling every part of our praise”

Come to Jesus // Warr Acres

I’ve talked about Warr Acres before but they are a worship band from a church here in Oklahoma called Victory Church. I listen to a lot of worship music, and I can honestly say that Warr Acres is one of the best worship band’s I have ever listened too. Not only are the insanely talented singers and musicians, they can write songs with such anointing and  meaning that I am always amazed at their abilities.

“Come to Jesus” is about coming and rejoicing with Jesus. The lost, the broken, the restored, everyone…coming to Jesus because of what He has done for us. If there was ever a perfect song for the joyful, this would be it. I really encourage you to listen to this worship team, they’re on iTunes too! Listen here.

“Come and rejoice with lost ones found,
with the chained who’ve been unbound,
with the sick who now are healed forever.
Come and sing praises to the King,
who in humble suffering,
gave His life to make us whole forever.”

Wake // Hillsong Young & Free

First off, Taya Smith can SING. But secondly, this song has a beat and a message that you need to hear. If you are looking for really exciting worship music that still has a great heart to it “Wake” is for you. It is about asking God to wake within us and let Him be seen by all. I love to get up and express my joy to the Lord in dancing and praise with this song! Listen here.

“You will never fade away, Your love is here to stay
By my side, in my life, shining through me everyday.
You wake within me, wake within me
You’re in my heart forever.”