5 tips for new bloggers

When I started W&W for a college social media class over two years ago, I never thought it would grow to what it is now. It hasn't been easy; in fact, it has been tiring, frustrating, and depressing at some points. But those moments are far outshined by the many, many amazing moments that W&W … Continue reading 5 tips for new bloggers


Maybelline Color Tattoo Line // Review

Welcome to another wonderful Makeup Monday here at W&W! I haven't done a proper review for you in a long time so I really wanted to do one for you. If you've glanced at the Maybelline counter lately, you'll see their Color Tattoo eye-shadow line. Color Tattoo has a few different variations of these: crayons, … Continue reading Maybelline Color Tattoo Line // Review

Moore Escape Room // Deals

Hey friends!! I have partnered with US Family Guide to give reviews of events, items, and places as well as give DEALS for them sometimes! I'm excited about this because it gives you, my readers, more info on certain things you might want to try! Today I am sharing a little info about the Moore … Continue reading Moore Escape Room // Deals

Behind the Scenes // Blogger Tag

I recently read a blog post by the Style Lullaby called "Blogger Behind the Scenes Tag" and loved the idea; I knew I needed to participate! It's a fun tag all about answering questions about what the behind the scene of your blog looks like. I hope you enjoy! Where do you blog? For the most … Continue reading Behind the Scenes // Blogger Tag

I nominate…{Liebster Award}

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Part of that is I must then nominate 5 fellow bloggers! I love this part because its all about sharing the love and paying it forward. Here are the rules for those I nominate: Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you with a thank … Continue reading I nominate…{Liebster Award}

I was NOMINATED! {Liebster Award}

I will tell you once and a hundred times more, the blogging community is so amazing. They are always there to support and encourage you when you need it. Also, they help to recognize each other and new blogs. One way of doing so is through the Liebster Award. I was nominated by the lovely … Continue reading I was NOMINATED! {Liebster Award}

Coming Soon!!

We are a few days away from a brand new year! How can that be? This year has flown by. I'm so excited for 2016! I am excited to announce the launch of some exciting things for Writings and Worship. Starting January 1st, I will be posting weekly posts! I've created some fun and exciting … Continue reading Coming Soon!!