The Sunshine Blogger Award

Good morning friends and happy Sunday! I have a photo-shoot tonight so today's post is a bit of a fun and lighthearted one. I was kindly nominated by Ashlee Nicole for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you so much Ashlee, and make sure you go check out her blog!   I was also nominated for the … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award


5 tips for new bloggers

When I started W&W for a college social media class over two years ago, I never thought it would grow to what it is now. It hasn't been easy; in fact, it has been tiring, frustrating, and depressing at some points. But those moments are far outshined by the many, many amazing moments that W&W … Continue reading 5 tips for new bloggers

Favorite Friday: 5 apps for bloggersย 

   Hello all! We made it to another Friday! I hope today is wonderful for you. What has your week been like? Mine has been hectic!  Today I start my new Friday theme day: Favorite Friday! This post is for all my blogger friends. Blogging sometimes feels like a full time job-- you have to … Continue reading Favorite Friday: 5 apps for bloggersย