He’s in the waiting 

If you’ve been around W&W for a while, you’ll know I’ve been in about a year and a half long waiting season. Waiting for a job. Waiting for a husband. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I know this is something I speak of often, and for that I am sorry, but my goal with WW is to be honest and share what God is doing in my life. I have a feeling I’m not the only one waiting.

If I’m honest, this season has been lonely at times and there are moments when I feel like God has forgotten my requests and my future. I face interview after interview, and no after no. My student loans need to be paid and are a reminder of the degree that I paid for and have yet to use. It’s easy to begin to think that God has left me here to fend for myself. Satan loves to make us doubt Gods hand in our lives. He is quick to make us impatient, selfish, and bitter about the seasons that are rough or long.

As I listened to the song Take Courage by Bethel Music I was overcome with the truth of Gods promises. I was overwhelmed with His steadfast love to be with us in every season, including the waiting. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in what we want for our lives and what we think we need that we forget that Gods plans and ways are higher. I might not want this season of waiting, but there’s a reason I am right where I am.

In those seasons of waiting, I think it is easy for us to feel abandoned and that God has sent us here as a punishment. If we are real with ourselves….we are angry about these seasons. But God is in the waiting. He is in the tears we cry, the prayers we shout, and the future we long for. I have to remind myself that every no might be keeping me from harm or a bad situation; maybe the no is leading me to an even greater yes. He will reveal all in His time. Just like the song says,

“Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting
He’s in the waiting
Hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He’s never failing
He’s never failing” 

God doesn’t promise our lives will be easy but He does promise eternal victory and that we will never be alone. He doesn’t promise that our problems will go away but He does promise that He will help us face them. This song is such an encouragement to me. It was like it was written just for me. Songs let us speak what our hearts and minds often cannot.

We must have courage and hope during all seasons. even the lonely ones. He is in the waiting, the trials, the fear, and all seasons. Don’t let Satan steal your hope and your joy. He will reveal your future when it is His right timing. He fulfills His promises we just have to hold on. He is faithful to finish what He started, we just have to have courage and patience.

Hold on friends, God is there.

4 Powerful songs you need to hear

It’s Worship Wednesday and I love it! I will never stop loving sharing my heart for worship and Jesus. Yesterday, while I was waiting at Sonic, a song came on the radio and I thought to myself “Wow, this is a powerful song.” After that thought, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

Today I am going to share 5 powerful worship songs that if you haven’t heard, you need to! I will be giving a brief overview today of each song but then through the next couple weeks I want to share a little bit more about them. Here we go!

  1. We Believe by Newsboys // It has been many years since I really listened to the Newsboys, but when this song came on I was reminded how incredible God is. This song goes through really everything that Christians believe about God. It proclaims His crucifixion and resurrection. It shouts His name from beginning to end. I get goosebumps every time I hear it! Take a minute and listen to it here
  2. Spirit Move by Bethel Worship // This song is all about asking the Holy Spirit to come and move in our lives. It’s about how are eyes should be fixed on Him and seeing His beauty as He moves through our lives. The song also talks about being ready for His spirit to move which I think we often forget to do. Take a minute and listen to it here.
  3. Heaven Song by Phil Wickam // A few Sunday’s ago, a friend and worship leader sang this song at church and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. As Christians we don’t dwell on heaven enough. This song is all about what heaven will be like when we get there. It’s something we, as Christians, need to speak of and sing about more often. Take a minute and listen to it here (this is my friend singing it. It’s an honor to have once lead worship with him).
  4. Not for a Moment (after all) by Meredith Andrews // If you are having a hard season where you find it hard to find God, this song is for you. Sometimes we feel like God is like anyone else in our life and just leaves…but He never forsakes us…even for a moment. This song is such a comfort in times of trial or hurt; a great reminder that God is never far away. Take a minute and listen to it here

What is your favorite powerful song right now?? Let me know! 

From the Archives: Spirit Break Out

“Spirit Break Out” is one of my favorite worship songs right now. It’s been around for a little bit, but this song is always fresh and real whenever I hear it. Originally by Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture, this song has taken the worship world and has also been sung by Bethel and Kari Jobe. If you haven’t heard this song, I encourage you to go check it out before you read on.

Our Father, all of Heaven roars Your name
Sing louder, let this place erupt with praise
Can you hear it, the sound of Heaven touching Earth
The sound of Heaven touching Earth

Spirit break out
Break our walls down
Spirit break out
Heaven come down

King Jesus You’re the name we’re lifting high
Your glory shaking up the earth and skies
Revival we wanna see Your kingdom here
We wanna see Your kingdom here

Spirit break out
Break our walls down
Spirit break out
Heaven come down

I can’t imagine a more perfect cry to sing out during worship. As a worship leader, I imagine the sound of Heaven touching Earth the sound of a crowd of believers singing out loud as one in worship. There is nothing better than that moment. God longs for worshipers to roar his name—to sing it at the top of their lungs.

Often, we let our walls keep us from really encountering God. This song is a cry to let the Holy Spirit break down those walls so we can fully experience the presence of God. I want the spirit of God to break out of me and let my walls crumble. This song is a declaration I think every worshiper should be shouting to the Lord. I want my heart and soul to erupt in praise every time I walk into the presence of God. I don’t want my worship to be about me or my problems…I want it to be fully centered of Jesus and the praise He deserves.

A lot of worship songs now days are full of things about us and how to make us feel better. This song on the other hand is a beautiful declaration about what can and should happen in the presence of God.

My prayer is that in both worship and the rest of my life—I let the walls break down and that the spirit of the Lord can break through. I want to see His kingdom here. Worship can give us a glimpse of what heaven is like…everyone worshiping together at the feet of Jesus.

Bethel Worship Kids: Come Alive {Review}

This is a repost of the review I wrote for Worshiplinks.us recently. To see the original review, click here!

Bethel Music is known for their passionate worship songs filled with talented vocals and powerful lyrics. Recently, Bethel released a kid’s worship album called Come Alive.Come Alive contains popular songs such as: “One Thing,” “You Make Me Brave,” and “This Is Amazing Grace.”

Bethel Music Kids offers listeners an energetic renditions of worship songs that are known and loved by many Bethel Music fans. If you’re a fan of traditional Bethel Music and you have kids, this CD would be perfect for you. It allows your kids to listen to good, wholesome worship songs but in a tempo and feel that they would enjoy. The songs are remixed with an exciting techno sound.

The positive message in each song along with the more upbeat and modern vibe to each song allows for kids to want to sing and dance along. Bethel Music Kids version of “One Thing” offers an exciting and fun feel to it with a child voice singing the lyrics of the well-known Bethel Music song.

Talented children sing the vocals whether it is a lead part of an adjoining chorus of kids singing praises to the Lord. The Bethel Music Kids’ vocals are no less impressive than the regular worship leaders that sing with Bethel Music.

If you are looking for quality, fun worship music for your family to listen to, then this would be a great CD for you. Videos of the songs are available to watch on Bethel Music YouTube page.

You don’t miss a thing.

I wanted to talk about a worship song by Bethel called “You don’t miss a thing.” I strongly encourage you to listen to it if you haven’t already.

This is a song that I had heard before and then one day, the power of it just hit me! My favorite line in the whole song is, “in a crowd of ten thousand, you don’t miss a thing.” Wow. It’s easy to feel like we are alone. And it’s easy to feel like God doesn’t have time for us. But guess what? He hears you, He sees you, and He is always there.

The song makes me think of the story in the Bible when the bleeding woman touches the hem of Jesus’ garment and He feels it. If you remember, Jesus was surrounded by a lot of people that day, yet He stopped and knew that this woman had touched him…even among probably multiple other touches. Just like that woman, God knows us. Even among all the world, God doesn’t miss anything in your life. If that doesn’t make you feel loved, I’m not sure what will.

“What a mystery, that you notice me…” The God of everything: the maker of miracles, the creator of the world…notices US! I can’t even fathom how many people there are in the world, yet God doesn’t miss anything that happens in my life, or yours.

Our society is so negative and our lives are plagued with heartache and sometimes loneliness but God is never far away. He makes our fears fall, our hearts complete, and gives meaning to our lives. His whisper calms the storm and eliminates our enemies.

This song is incredible and poetic. The lyrics paint a beautiful story. Immediate comfort comes when you let this song wash over you and remember how much God loves you. Go listen to it, think about these things I have said, and spend some time with Jesus. There is no place in the world that you can hide-God is always with you. Be comforted by that today.

“You Split the Seas”

I listen to an abundance of worship music…I’m a worship leader so it’s some of my favorite music. I’m also a writer and sometimes a certain phrase just stands out to me…and makes an impact. Recently, I started listening to the song, “No Longer Slaves,” by Bethel. The song is recorded by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser but the version I personally prefer is a YouTube video of Bethel’s Kalley Heiligenthal—you can watch it here. {NOTE: I only prefer that version because I am a big fan of Kalley’s vocals and her adaption of it, the original version is just as amazing, it’s just a personal preference. I have the recorded version bought on my iTunes}

The whole song is anointed…I feel God’s presence every time I sing the words. But one specific phrase stands out to me lately.

“You split the seas so I could walk right through it. My fears are drowned in perfect love.”

Have you ever thought about when Moses, through God, parted the Red Sea? Can you imagine being an Israelite? Running from captivity, running to be free, and you come upon a sea. The Bible says that when Pharaoh and his men caught up to them, they feared greatly and they immediately start complaining and blaming God. They said it would have been better to stay with Pharaoh than to die in the wilderness. They thought they were stuck—the sea keeping them where they were. Then comes one of my favorite Bible verses. Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” What the Israelites didn’t realize is that with God fighting for them they were about to walk right through the sea. And they did. Moses held out his staff and the seas parted and God’s people walked across the sea on dry land.

How many times have we come to a point in our lives that we feel like we are surrounded with nowhere to go? Maybe it’s a sin, maybe it’s a fear, and maybe it’s a trial; but we look out at the sea and think, God why would you bring me here? Why didn’t you take me a simpler way…an easy way? We think our trials are in vain and that we are alone. We don’t see a way past the sin, trial, fear, and stronghold.

What we don’t realize is that God splits the sea so we could walk right through it. It might take longer. It might be more painful. But I don’t believe that God brings us to a sea without getting us through it. He spilt the seas so we could walk right through it.

I’m a very anxious person. And his phrase is my anthem right now. I have to remember that God is the miracle worker. He is a sea splitter, healer, water walker, and never failing God. Sometimes God brings us to a sea to see if we have the faith in Him to step out. And when we do, our fears are drowned in His perfect love.

God splits my fear, my pain, my heartache, my stress, my sins, my worry, my anxiousness, my hate, my incompleteness so I can WALK right through them. So I can face them. So I can conquer them— all because of Him. Listen today friends, He will split your sea but you have to be ready to walk right through. Give Him your money problems, your job, your family, your spouse, your fear, your disease and then be still as He fights for you. One of the ways He fights for you is He allows you the grace and the strength to walk right through trials and experience miracles. He splits the sea of sin so we can walk into salvation. He splits the sea of fear so we can walk in faith. And because we walk through it and find salvation and faith…we are no longer slaves to fear or anything. We are  children of God.


children of God.

My Favorite: Worship Songs (at the moment)

FullSizeRender (5)As a worship leader, even when I am not leading weekly, I still search out new worship songs {and old ones that I can fall in love with again}. It’s funny how a certain song can seem to say exactly what is on your heart at the time. Worship songs for me are much more than the key, rhythm, or the style—the words are what pull me in. I love poetic worship songs that cry out to God and have a way of pulling us deeper into the presence of God. I have been listening to the same songs the majority of the time lately, so I thought I would share them.

  1. Ever Be by Bethel

This song. This is an incredible anthem that proclaims that God’s praise will ever and always be on our lips. This song played in my car at a moment where I didn’t really feel like praising God, and this song came in all its conviction and I just wept and worshipped. Even when things aren’t going our way, we should praise Him. And when things are wonderful, we should have His praise on our lips. Lord, let this song be more than words…let this be our hearts cry.

If you haven’t heard this song, check it out here.

  1. On the Throne (Featuring Kari Jobe) by Desperation Band

I love Kari Jobe and Desperation Band—put them together and you can’t go wrong. These worship leaders know how to write songs that are full of truth and heartfelt proclamation to Christ. One thing I like about this song is that it’s urging us to praise even through the valleys because Christ is higher than the mountains that stand before us. The bridge of this songs is all about Christ and who He is {magnificent, sovereign over all}. Sometimes I think the best worship songs aren’t even talking about us and what Christ does for us but God himself and this bridge does just that.

This is one you want to check out, watch it live here.

  1. You Don’t Miss a Thing by Bethel

This is a song that I had heard before and then one day, the power of it just hit me! My favorite line in the whole song is, “in a crowd of ten thousand, you don’t miss a thing.” Wow. It’s easy to feel like we are alone. And it’s easy to feel like God doesn’t have time for us. But guess what? He hears you, He sees you, and He is always there. This song makes me think of the story in the Bible when the bleeding woman touches the hem of Jesus’ garment and He feels it. If you remember, Jesus was surrounded by a lot of people that day, yet He stopped and knew that this woman had touched him…even among probably multiple other touches. Just like that woman, God knows us. Even among all the world, God doesn’t miss anything in your life. If that doesn’t make you feel loved, I’m not sure what will.

Listen to Amanda Cook sing it here.

  1. God with us by All Sons and Daughters

If you haven’t ever listened to ASAD, do yourself a favor and look them up. Their songs are full of honest truth and words that are easy to step into worship with. This song in particular is one of my favorites right now. There is so much I can say about this song, yet even as I listen to it now, I seem to be speechless. This is a song that makes me just want to fall to my knees and worship. I am so thankful that God is with us and this song is a way to thank God for that.

I promise you will love it, here is ASAD singing God with us.

  1. Nearness by bethel

This song was such a Godsend. Literally. I only found this song because I saw a lyric picture of it on Pinterest and loved the few words I saw and went to listen to this song. I am a very anxious person, and this song is an anthem for my heart. “and my heart will stay steadfast, I know that You are good.” Amen. This song reminds me to find God in the stillness and that He alone can keep my heart and life steady. I want to remain steadfast in His presence. I hope this song reminds you that Christ is always near and that He is always good.

Jenn Johnson leads this song with Bethel, check it out here.

What are your favorite worship songs right now? I would love to hear!