Miracles: the bleeding woman 

The streets are crowded with people. They stagger slowly as they continue to follow Him, the man claiming to be the Savior. There's no room to walk, barely room to breath, everyone wants to follow and hear the man they call Jesus. She's desperate to see him, to touch him, to receive his healing. There's … Continue reading Miracles: the bleeding woman 

He’s in the waiting 

If you've been around W&W for a while, you'll know I've been in about a year and a half long waiting season. Waiting for a job. Waiting for a husband. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I know this is something I speak of often, and for that I am sorry, but my goal with WW is to … Continue reading He’s in the waiting 

4 Powerful songs you need to hear

It's Worship Wednesday and I love it! I will never stop loving sharing my heart for worship and Jesus. Yesterday, while I was waiting at Sonic, a song came on the radio and I thought to myself "Wow, this is a powerful song." After that thought, I knew I wanted to share it with you. … Continue reading 4 Powerful songs you need to hear

From the Archives: Spirit Break Out

   “Spirit Break Out” is one of my favorite worship songs right now. It’s been around for a little bit, but this song is always fresh and real whenever I hear it. Originally by Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture, this song has taken the worship world and has also been sung by Bethel and … Continue reading From the Archives: Spirit Break Out

Bethel Worship Kids: Come Alive {Review}

This is a repost of the review I wrote for Worshiplinks.us recently. To see the original review, click here! Bethel Music is known for their passionate worship songs filled with talented vocals and powerful lyrics. Recently, Bethel released a kid’s worship album called Come Alive.Come Alive contains popular songs such as: “One Thing,” “You Make … Continue reading Bethel Worship Kids: Come Alive {Review}

You don’t miss a thing.

I wanted to talk about a worship song by Bethel called "You don't miss a thing." I strongly encourage you to listen to it if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzn2inZ3URE This is a song that I had heard before and then one day, the power of it just hit me! My favorite line in the whole … Continue reading You don’t miss a thing.

“You Split the Seas”

I listen to an abundance of worship music…I’m a worship leader so it’s some of my favorite music. I’m also a writer and sometimes a certain phrase just stands out to me…and makes an impact. Recently, I started listening to the song, “No Longer Slaves,” by Bethel. The song is recorded by Jonathan David and … Continue reading “You Split the Seas”

My Favorite: Worship Songs (at the moment)

As a worship leader, even when I am not leading weekly, I still search out new worship songs {and old ones that I can fall in love with again}. It’s funny how a certain song can seem to say exactly what is on your heart at the time. Worship songs for me are much more … Continue reading My Favorite: Worship Songs (at the moment)