B’s Newborn Session 9.17.17

On a rainy Sunday, I traveled to a little town in north Oklahoma to snuggle the cutest little dude. At a week and a half old, Baby B was still sleepy and solemn as we took our time taking his pictures. There's nothing sweeter than a newborn babe; their tiny toes, their soft skin, and … Continue reading B’s Newborn Session 9.17.17


SoapBox Soaps Review + Discount Code

*I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own* SoapBox Soaps joins to of my favorite things together in one company: personal care products and giving back. Unlike many companies, SoapBox Soaps has an overall humanitarian purpose behind their mission. It's simple: buy a soap, give a soap. There is … Continue reading SoapBox Soaps Review + Discount Code

Buying Kate Spade on a Budget

Kate Spade. My holy grail designer. My guilty pleasure. But lets be honest, I definitely do not have the money to buy everything I want and definitely not things full price. While Kate Spade is expensive, it is very high quality. I have never had any problems with any of my bags breaking or any … Continue reading Buying Kate Spade on a Budget

5 Tips for New Photographers

Let me start by saying, I am still a new photographer. I still consider myself an amateur making my way through this hobby. I'm almost completely self-taught but I am researching and working to become better and better at this hobby of mine. While I am still learning, I wanted to share a few pieces … Continue reading 5 Tips for New Photographers

5 songs for the waitingย 

Today I'm taking a little break from my Miracle series to hop back on another series. (I've got series coming out my ears) I was driving today in my car with the windows down worshiping to some All Sons & Daughters and was reminded of a beautiful song I have loved for a long time. … Continue reading 5 songs for the waitingย 

4 tips for refreshing sleep

It's that time of year, everyone is going back to school. Our long summer nights are gone and our need for better and consistent sleep is key. A good nights rest is vital to how we perform our duties at school or work. Fall is a great time to really try to stick to a … Continue reading 4 tips for refreshing sleep

Instagram 1K Giveaway

We finally did it!!! After a lot of hard work and dedication, we finally hit 1 thousand followers on W&W Instagram. I have been using IG since I started this blog but haven't really been utilizing it until a while back. Now, some might not think 1K is very exciting but it is for me! … Continue reading Instagram 1K Giveaway

Oklahoma Hotspots // Meers & Medicine Park

If you didn't know, I live in the great state of OKLAHOMA. While some might not think it is a very exciting state, I beg to differ. I love our falls, our hills, and our southern spirit. Nestled in Lawton, Oklahoma is the biggest "mountain" in Oklahoma, Mt. Scott. Mt. Scott is part of the … Continue reading Oklahoma Hotspots // Meers & Medicine Park

Maternity for Baby B // 7.23.17

In a park filled with hills, creeks, and overgrown trees I shot the most beautiful families maternity photos for their new baby. Baby B is a blessing, a rainbow baby. It was humid, muggy, and HOT- Oklahoma summers are brutal but that didn't stop us. I met this momma years ago at a Christian summer … Continue reading Maternity for Baby B // 7.23.17

Miracles: healing blind Bartimaeus

The Story Bartimaeus sat on the side of the road begging for anything that someone could spare. He was known as the bling beggar. Outcast, unwanted, and often rebuked. He begged and begged as people walked by him as though they were blind too and didn't see him. Until one day, as He left Jericho, … Continue reading Miracles: healing blind Bartimaeus