My Photography Essentials 

If you didn’t know, W&W is also my photography business! I’m still learning but have already came so far in just two years. While I’m not expert, I wanted to share my personal Photography Essentials.

There’s are just my go-tos, yours might be different! But I love seeing what others use in their business! Like I said I’m still new, so I’m slowly building up my props and gear! Feel free to tell me a few other things you think I might need!

I do newborn, maternity, fresh 48, senior, family, birth, etc. so I don’t always use the same gear but I am just going to share my base gear and essentials I use for almost all of my shoots. I will also link everything that is still available to buy in case you want to get yours as well! I hope you find this interesting, here we go! Also, ironically this isn’t sponsored by Amazon, even though most of this is from it-I just love it!

Nikon D3100 with kit lens 

I believe that this one is now discontinued because its fairly old, but it does me just fine. I currently only have the kit lens but I am looking to add another one here in a few months! I love this camera, I can work it well and I am even still learning all the things that it does.


Neewer 32″ 5-in-1 collapsible disc reflector

This is a new purchase that I am still learning about, but it was extremely affordable and has been a huge help already. Amazon once again is my saving grace and had these for under $15. I know there are much better quality out there but for me, just learning how to use them, this was perfect. If you aren’t familiar with these, the picture is confusing. It is actually one disc with different outside coverings that you can turn inside out for other colors; perfect for travel! It is portable and collapsible and fits perfectly in my bag. It has gold, silver, translucent, white, and black-all you could need! 61xV+5KZUqL._SL1001_

Vera Bradly Campus Backpack as camera bag

This one is possibly controversial, ha! I know it isn’t a typical camera backpack but I love it. It can stay on my back so I don’t have to carry anything. I also bought some inserts so the camera would stay safe which I will mention next. It has inside pockets where I keep batteries and chargers. Honestly I bought it so on sale it was much cheaper than any of the camera bags I first saw. It also has a good outside pocket where I keep smaller props like onsies, ducks, confetti, etc.


Camera travel protection insert

Honestly, this little bag is perfect! It can take any bag and make it into a camera bag. I sit this in the bottom of my backpack and the camera and lens fit perfectly into it. Amazon carries it for under $13 and eligible for prime. One of my favorite essentials! 91U+rEvG7NL._SL1500_

EN-EL14 travel charger

I am honestly ashamed by how many chargers I seem to lose. I will probably find about 5 if ever move houses because I seem to lose them right and left. But thanks to Amazon again, they have them really inexpensive. This is my favorite charger because it has both a plug in and a car charger adapter, perfect for if you are on the road and need to charge. But it is always good to have one at home and one in my camera bag as well. 71yZSCu3PlL._SL1500_

San Disk Memory Card 

While there are many different kinds of SD cards, I tend to buy San Disk. I had to buy them for a college class anyway and have just always liked this brand. I have never had any problems with them so far either. Right now I have a 32 and an 8 but am looking to add maybe a few 16’s just so I have enough and don’t have to constantly delete things off my 8.


Fur rug from Ikea 

The link and picture isn’t the exact on I have but it is the closest I could find for you to get! I do a good amount of newborn and child shoots so this is so perfect! I picked it up at Ikea and it is amazing. It is a great size for little ones and mine is a light grey so goes with boy or girl! If you don’t have something like this, get ya one! I found a similar one at Hobby Lobby too.


Three Step Ladder 

I’m honestly not sure that this is the exact same ladder as I have, but I linked it anyway. The ladder I use is my grandparents old one that they have had for years. As a 5’2 photographer, most of my clients are much taller than me; which proves for awful angles! I prefer shots from almost a little above them if its face on to provide my clients with the best angle. So in comes the ladder! Some might need only a step stool, but I prefer this on because it gives me some much needed support and a handle if I need to balance if I am doing flat-lay shots.


I am currently looking for a newborn posing bag, so if you know anyone or place that sells them…let me know!! If you’re in Oklahoma, i’d love to be your photographer! For more info see my photography page.

What are YOUR photography essentials?? I’d love to hear!

Smile Brilliant Update + Results 

I received this whitening set complimentary for testing purposes, all opinions and thoughts are my own. None of these pictures have been enhanced or edited to make results look different. 

Welcome to W&W, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely morning on this first Monday in June! Today is the much anticipated update and results from my at-home teeth whitening for sensitive teeth kit from Smile Brilliant.


If you didn’t see my first post about these custom fitted trays and at-home whitening kit, make sure you check it out before we go any further.

First off, here is the “before” picture! I wanted you to know where I started from before I go on and tell you how amazing this stuff is! As much as I hate showing you how bad my teeth were…it’s part of the process. So I’m laying aside my embarrassment to show you the results!

*please forgive the grainy quality of this photo. I was having issues with camera. But this is not edited at all*

My tea and coffee addiction had really gotten to my teeth and honestly, I had stopped smiling with my teeth most of the time because of the state of them. But Smile Brilliant honestly changed that around! And I still have whitening and desensitizing gel to use to continue the process. Here is my results so far:

after Honestly I can tell a difference even beyond what those pictures show. I can smile again with confidence! Here are a few pictures since I have been whitening neither of which have been edited at all:

Here are some of my top tricks and thoughts of the whole experience: 

  • The desensitizing gel is key to the whole process for me. If it weren’t for that gel, I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue with the process. I even skipped it one night, just so I could tell you how it went, and I had so much sensitivity and uncomfortable feeling. So if you have sensitive teeth, make sure you get kit that caters to that.
  • Make sure you apply a thin layer. The only time I had some stinging sensation was if I applied too much whitening gel and it leaked onto my gums. My suggestion is to make sure you’re using the syringe to apply s thin layer. Don’t take off the top of the syringe! (I may or may not have done that at first…)
  • Carve out time for yourself. This can be a time consuming process…but it is so worth it! Self-care is important and vital! 
  • Stay with it! You can’t just use it once and expect it to stay white forever. Even though I saw results after the first few sessions, I am going to continue to use it for the best results. Remember this isn’t an overnight fix!

The results aren’t as shocking as I was hoping, but I can definitely tell a difference and that is what matters. I had some family reasons that kept me from devoting every day to it at first, so I am sure that is part of it-it does take time! I did notice that various lighting make the results look more obvious so I included other pictures.

I plan to keep you updated as I continue! But this is after about a month of continual use. I do admit I couldn’t do it as often as I wanted because of my sensitivity but I am still seeing amazing results!

This was my very first notice of results! 


Birthday Wishlist!

We are fast approaching the month of June which means one thing…we are getting closer to my birthday! On June 30th, I will be another year older. I always love birthday’s and celebrations.

My family has always made birthdays a big deal. Today, I thought I would share a few things that are on my birthday wishlist! A few of the things I want or “need” this year. This is always fun to see what others want and always gives my family a few ideas, right??

Here’s whats on my list!

Harry Potter DVD  Complete Collection 


I have all the DVD’s scattered around but I would love having all of them in a complete set. I love these movies and it would be cool to have a collection of them. I know it wouldn’t be anything fancy, but a die-hard fan loves all things collection and complete, am I right? Walmart sells it for only $50.

Too Faced Bon Bon Palette 


If I had a nickle for every time I almost bought this palette…so I am finally taking the plunge and seeing if any of my family gets it for me. My mom has this palette and I need it for myself! It has such beautiful colors; and the shimmer in them is to die for! I actually don’t wear much brown on my eyes but this palette is so versatile and smooth that I don’t mind the browns. I love the neutral shades and the pops of color that it has as well.

ESV Personal Reference Bible 


As I was heading to church last Sunday, I realized that all my Bible’s are student ones. While the text is obviously the same…I wanted a “grown up” Bible. I also now love the ESV version, so I loved this one! It has references in it as well as a cute outside cover. The ESV version is the one my church uses and I would love to be able to follow along exactly as we read. The ESV study Bible is HUGE but I might eventually buy that one as well. But for now, I’d love this personal size one.

Nikon 35 mm f1/8 lens 


I would call this a “well, why not at least ask for it present.” A little on the pricey side, this lens would be great to add to my collection of photography gear. Right now I am working with just my kit lens and would love to add a second one. If you’re a photographer and have another lens you think I should start with, let me know! But so far my research keeps bringing me back to the 35 mm with a low aperture. I can always do my business without it, but hey, I can ask can’t I??

Marble Monogrammed Phone Case 


I am in love with mgramcases new marble line. I have bought their cases before and once I saw the marble with the bright colors…I was hooked. I am impressed at the quality of this marble and how real it looks. The bright pink and orange swirled in with the other colors make it pop! It would be a perfect case for the summer. And, like any southern girl, I love anything with a monogram.

Fresh Flowers


I am a sucker for fresh flowers. Because I am single,I don’t really get flowers often. But I would swoon over a fresh delivery of peonies, roses, tulips, or daisies! Any and all flowers…as long as they are colorful I would be grateful. Opening the door to a delivery of flowers, would be a perfect birthday surprise!


Easy Home Whitening for Sensitive Teeth + Giveaway

*This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Smile Brilliant but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Hello friends! Today I am excited to announce my partnership with Smile Brilliant to inform you about their easy at-home teeth whitening system; and give YOU an opportunity to win some yourself! Read till the end for a chance to enter the giveaway and receive a coupon off your order!

The whole kit for sensitive teeth as it comes

If I’m honest, I struggle with letting my true smile out because my teeth are definitely stained and worn. My coffee and tea addiction really hurts the color and quality of my smile. So when I was contacted by the amazing people at Smile Brilliant, I knew it was something I needed to go forward with at once!

Smile Brilliant allows you to make custom fitted trays at home, mail them back, then receive your molds and start your sessions to a better and whiter smile! Now this was a big deal for me. I, like many, are terrified of the dentist; so knowing I could make the molds in the comfort of my own home without having to sit in a dentist chair or use generic trays was a BIG positive of this company.

I also have extremely sensitive teeth so the fact that this product is tailored to help sensitive teeth is amazing!  So if you have sensitive teeth or are prone to sensitivity like me, don’t worry, this kit is perfect for you! Also, for those who are cognitive of what you put in your body, Smile Brilliant’s ingredients are vegan and cruelty free!

Today I am giving you a little run down of the process and my first impressions! I will post an updated review in a few weeks to show you my results! HINT: I could already tell a difference after only two treatments. Also, if you have questions about getting started, Smile Brilliant has 7 things to know before buying to help answer any questions.

Step 1

Order your package, either sensitive or non-sensitive, and get ready to do some easy at-home whitening! Each package includes: whitening gel, impression trays, custom work on your impressions, desensitize gel (if you order the sensitive package), 3 way postage, and 3 sets of the impression material. They also allow you to choose how many applications you want, based on the level of stains you have; which I love because you can tailor it to your needs. I highly suggest if you have sensitive teeth in the slightest to get the sensitive package. That is what I have used and I love using the desensitize gel to help my teeth throughout the process.


Step 2 

When your package arrives, it is time to make your molds! I promise this is easy and not as intimidating as it sounds. All you do is mix the base and the catalyst together, apply it to impression molds, and press the mix into your teeth (one at a time). Once you wait the allotted time, take the impressions out and mail them back in the pre-addressed and paid for return envelope. Mailing them back is so easy and they make it a simple step in the process.


Step 3 

Once your custom fitted trays are mailed back to you, you can start the process! The process is very simple:

  • Wash your teeth with water
  • Apply whitening gel to the trays
  • Wear the trays for 45 minutes to 3 hours
  • Take them out and wash your teeth with toothpaste
  • wash off trays and pat dry
  • apply desensitizing gel to the trays
  • wear the trays for 15-20 minute
  • DO NOT brush teeth after this, spit out the excess and clean your trays

These are the steps in their simplest form. Your package will come with full instructions, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse at how easy and fast Smile Brilliant makes getting your teeth brighter and whiter.

I can’t wait to update you on the process but so far, I am loving it and already seeing results. The process is easy and Smile Brilliant makes it easy to achieve whiter teeth all while catering to your sensitivity.


Want a chance to win $139 worth of product from Smile Brilliant?? All you have to do is fill out this information in the link given and wait to see if you win! 

This giveaway will run from 5/17 until 5/31 and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia! Don’t forget to enter through the link above!!


Interested in getting 5% off your purchase? Use the code writingsandworship5 on your order to receive 5% off!


Disney World Tag!

Today for Favorites Friday, I am talking about one of my favorite things: DISNEY WORLD!! I have been at least 6 times. We had a good amount of family that lived in Florida so Disney was a frequent meeting place for my family.

I have so many amazing memories at Disney and when I found the Disney World Tag that The Makeup Case did…I knew I had to participate! Here’s to reminiscing all my Disney days!


First time you went to Walt Disney World?

Haha! I was born in ’92 and I was probably at Disney by summer of ’93! My sister was six years older than me so we probably went more for her…but I was there! We have many pictures and video to prove it.

Favorite Park?

Magic Kingdom, hands down. As I grow older, I appreciate the other parks more, but Magic Kingdom is the most…well, magical. I love everything about it! The different sections and feels of each part of the park make for a great experience. And you cannot go wrong with the traditional walk down main street.

Favorite land at Magic Kingdom?

My my. I would have to say overall, FantasyLand. It has the most iconic and memorable rides for me. Rides like the teacups, Peter Pan, and more are rides I grew up loving and looking forward too. FantasyLand has the most rides I love in one land too.


Favorite Disney resort hotel?

Caribbean Resort Hotel. I love it! We stay there most of the time if we go. I love the island feel of the resort! Each part of the hotel is named after a different island! You get the best of both worlds…Disney and the beach!

Favorite snack?

Mickey Ears of course! (Vanilla Ice cream bar shaped as Mickey covered in a chocolate shell) Well, I do like and occasional turkey leg too.

Favorite souvenir?

I would say, either my autograph books or my cups! You get a souvenir cups from the hotels and the parks. Both are pretty special to me, among many other buys and toys from there!

Favorite counter service/table service restaurant?

Sci-Fi Dine in Theater! This is almost a “must do” when my family goes to Disney. Located in Hollywood Studios, this cute little restaurant has some table “cars” and other tables that make the room look like a drive in movie. While you dine on your food you get to watch old shorts and videos on a huge screen at the front of the room. Such a fun and exciting experience. You don’t just eat in Disney, you experience and enjoy every part.


Favorite ride?

How do you pick just one? Instead of trying to answer that impossible question, I will just list my top favorites: Carousel of Progress, Splash Mountain, Tea Cups, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Test Track, and probably dozens more.

Favorite show?

I guess if Hall of Presidents is considered a show then that one for sure! It was always a cool spot to stop and rest while we watch, but the more I grow up, the more I love getting the little bit of history!

Favorite parade/fireworks?

Here is a Disney pro-tip. Once you’ve seen one fireworks show or parade, skip them and go ride! The lines tend to be shorter during the parades and shows! (Don’t tell anyone I told you my secret!)


Favorite character to meet?

When I was little, Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh were my favorites! I still love seeing them, but we don’t stop for them as much anymore.


Character you haven’t met but want to?

Let me grab my soap box and tissues, ya’ll. This is a horrible memory and now funny story for me. When I was probably, 5 years old, I waited in line to see Cinderella. I waited and waited, finally! It was my turn. I was the last one in line, and they told us it was Cinderella’s break time and she left. I was honestly crushed. I remember it to this day. I harbored (ok, I still might) anger and resentment to Cinderella for years.

The closest I ever got to “Cinderella” 🙂

Best Disney memory?

All of them. I know that seems like a cookie cutter, perfect answer but honestly I have way to many memories to count. Experiencing it with my family, trip after trip, makes for the best memories.

I will say, one year we went, I was in 5th grade and we did a special fireworks ride on the water with Peter Pan…and MAN! I thought he was just the cutest thing ever. I was totally smitten.

Have you ever been to Disney?? I’d love to hear your answers!!


Currently Crazy About: SHOPS!

Shirts, arts, necklaces, etc. I am loving some fun and personal shops right now. I love supporting small businesses and boss gals as much as I can. Why shop mainstream when you can support small companies and families!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite companies/shops that I am crazy about right now! Most of these I have found through blogging and social media, so I am excited at the opportunity to share these awesome companies with y’all. Save your money! You’ll need it to buy all these goodies. Shop small and support these awesome companies!

Elly and Grace 

Elly and Grace sell “Christian t-shirts that uplift and inspire.” They sell women’s shirts, baby clothes, little girls shirts, and some accessories. These are so inspiring and uplifting all while being so stylish and comfy! Some of their shirts say “created with purpose,” “it is well with my soul,” and “all I need is coffee, coffee, and more coffee.”

One reason I love this shop is because they aren’t just providing women with cute clothes but uplifting and inspiring encouragement on each of them. They also have a blog that you should definitely check out! They can do custom orders and are very accommodating.

Follow Elly and Grace on Instagram!

MarandaL – Society6

If you are an art lover, you must check out Maranda’s Society6 shop. She is a painter, photographer, and creator extraordinaire. I am crazy about her shop because it is full of paintings, prints, and phone cases that are packed with color. You know I love my bold colors and Maranda’s pieces are bright and beautiful.

She sells prints, laptop skins, bags, phone cases, paintings, cards, and more! There really is something for everyone. I love her abstract paintings…I need to buy one ASAP!

Follow Maranda on Instagram!

Marking Remarks 

Wood and hand-lettering are all the rage right now and Marking Remarks does an incredible job! I was sent these amazing “Mr and Mrs” signs for my photography business and honestly, they are my current favorite prop right now! Here is a little sneak peek at her work. DSC_1756.jpg

These signs are handmade, hand engraved, and such great quality. It is real wood with beautiful script on each of them. They do planter boxes, signs, growth charts, maps, and more! All wood signs are totally worth every penny and very inexpensive for the work they take. If you are looking for a sign to spice up your house or wedding, look no further! And photographers, these would make great props!

Follow Marking Remarks on Instagram!

4th Generation Designs

The tag line reads, “Hand crafted accessories for ladies and littles,” there is no more perfect explanation of these adorable and trendy accessories that Cheryl makes! She makes hand crafted necklaces that have inspiring and cute either decor or wording on the pendant. Some have lace, some have floral print, and some have little animals but all of them have a creative touch you can only get from shopping small!

My favorite (at the moment) is a pendant with the print “it is well, with my soul” in beautiful script lettering. This shops items are inspirational and beautiful. A perfect gift for women and girls of all ages. Cheryl considers her pieces as “vintage feel with a modern edge.” Most necklaces are under $15, which is a steal!!

Follow 4th Generation Designs on Instagram!


Alifya creates beautiful prints for your home or office. They have a beautiful whimsical feel and feel just like you’ve bought a high priced painting! Printable art is very popular right now and Alifya does some of my favorites that I am crazy about at the moment.

Alifya does brilliant work with watercolors and acrylic that she makes into prints for easy access! Flowers, perfume, and you name it! She takes ordinary items and makes them beautiful! Most of her prints are under $10 so they are very affordable and a great way to shop small and support these creative friends of mine!

Follow Alifya on Instagram!

I shared some screenshots of their shops just so you can get a little visual of what they sell. Shop small today and help these amazing creators I have mentioned! I am thankful to have found these ladies because they continue to inspire me to create even more for y’all.

What shop sounds like your favorite?? Let me know in the comments!


April Favorites 2017

Good evening friends! Today was spent with family and fun creatures at the zoo; so my apologies that this is a little late coming to you. But, better late than never, right??

Today, of course, is all about my April favorites! This month is full of beauty products for the first time in a long time. Because of some of my shopping hauls, I packed this full of awesome things to share with you for this post.

Don’t forget to tell me what YOU have been loving this past month down in the comments!

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation // Buff 

Y’all know that this foundation has been my top go-to for going on years now! I bought a new shade because my Ivory was getting a little toooooo pale! I grabbed the shade “Buff” and it is almost perfect. I definitely have to buff it into the neck, but it still looks awesome on my skin. Even on my worst skincare days, this foundation smooths out my skin perfectly! If you’re looking for a new high coverage foundation, this is it!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine // 49  

I did a whole review on this lipstick! This is by far my favorite purchase of the month. The color and the formula are perfect. It may be $37 but it is worth every penny in my eyes. I mean, look at this packaging. I have loved using this all month and look forward to using it all summer.


 elf Mineral Infused Primer 

I had been searching for a perfect primer that wouldn’t break the bank and elf does it again! This is such a smooth and hydrating primer and it is only $6! It makes my skin feel like silk when I put it on my face. I wish I could better explain, but I will just say, you need to try it yourself. I really believe it helps my makeup go on smoother and stays longer than without it! Such a great product I have loved the end of this month.


Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder // Translucent 

I love this and I hate this product. My mom and I heard about this from a beauty vlogger and thought we would give it a try. The product itself is amazing and works perfectly well! The only thing I don’t like is the smell of the powder. It is very strong and fake smelling. I have almost gotten used to it because I really like how the product works! I bought it at Walmart but I believe some Walgreens sell it as well, just beware of the smell!


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

I finally picked this up after hearing about it for months and months. I totally see why everyone loves it! I think it is a perfect everyday highlighter! The color is very natural and has a light shimmer to it; just enough for a day to day look. I am really beginning to love this brand! So affordable and good quality so far. This highlighter was under $5 so it is a steal! I have used this all month and have really loved it everyday!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with rosewater

Ulta was doing a special this last month and I picked this up for like $3 I believe! I wasn’t really sure if I would like it but I picked it up just to see. I have fallen in love with it! It feels so refreshing on my skin. I love the faint rose smell that it has as well; it isn’t too overpowering. I use this as a primer, setting spray, and a refresher during the day as well. If you need a pick me up, this is a great spray to use. So far it has worked really well with my makeup too; doesn’t dry me out or make my makeup run either!


Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara 

Ahhh. I found a new holy grail mascara! I have always loved Maybelline mascara the best, by far. But this is amazing even for them! I love that it really lengthens and makes my lashes look thick and dark. I am very picky about mascara and this one is exceeding my expectations right and left. It is easily removed, great color, and doesn’t clump them up too much. For under $10, I consider this a great purchase! I have definitely used this probably every day this month and already need a new one! I highly recommend this if you want great lashes!

What products did you love this month?? I hope you’ll let me know if the comments so I can try those out too! XO