Pixi Beauty Wishlist

Pixi by Petra is a makeup brand that is sold online and at Target. So far, that’s the only store I’ve seen it here in Oklahoma. I’ve seen this brand all the time when I walk through the beauty section at Target and it always catches my eye. The gold and green packaging is sleek and looks pretty fancy for drugstore makeup!

I haven’t really tried Pixi because typically I feel like it is a little more expensive than I like to pay for drugstore makeup. It’s hard to get myself to buy a makeup item from Target that costs over $20. But I have seen so many good reviews and interesting products that I think its time I dip my toes in this brand.

Pixi has a great mix of both makeup items and skincare. In fact, most of their skincare is what has piqued my interest enough into planning to try some of this brand. I did receive an item or two from this brand through Ipsy and things like that and what I have tried is awesome. Today, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the products from my wishlist of Pixi items. Just a few of the things that I plan to grab first when I have a little extra money.

Pixi Beauty Wishlist

Glitter-y Eye Quad

I saw this quad used in a makeup tutorial on YouTube and knew immediately I had to get these! They are stunning. Holy cow ladies! If you enjoy a glittery eye or an eye look with a little shine, you have got to try these! They look like they are a great formula and I am really looking forward to trying these. This set is more nude, champagne, silvery colors and I think that is the one I want. They do have a more purple palette and a more blue palette but I think this one would be of more multi-use. Have you tried these? In the tutorial video, I watched, they glided on and were just stunning!

Rose Glow Mist

If you have seen anything on Pixi, you’ve probably heard of their famous “Glow Tonic.” While I really want to try that, I was more interested in this mist. I am obsessed with rose scented things at the moment, which is crazy because I typically don’t like rose scents. But this mist looks like such a great product. It says its to use before makeup, after makeup, and anytime! I love a good facial mist that I can use whenever so I am definitely going to need to try this. If you enjoy mists, Pixi has a few similar ones to this such as a milky mist and more.

Blush Duo + Kabuki

I received a duo in my Ipsy bag at one point and was very impressed. The duo is a blush and highlighter duo in a small package. It has such great uses! You can swirl them together to get a shimmery blush or use separately. While it is a smaller size, it is big enough to get a brush on each side of the duo. I loved to keep this in my purse. In fact, I want to buy another one for that exact use. If you like keeping makeup in your purse this is a great product because it’s two for one!

Double Cleanser

If you knew my often inconsistent skincare routine, the idea is a double cleanse is hilarious. So often I forget to do my whole routine twice a day let alone a double cleanse. This double cleanse would be a great start to trying to include that in my skincare routine. The first step is a solid cleansing oil (which I have been wanting to try) and is followed up with a cleansing cream. I love the idea of the two things together in one package- perfect for storage. So this is a must try!

Eye Bright Liner Nude

A big trend in makeup is a nude or brightening eyeliner in the lower lash line. This makes the eye look bigger and more awake. I have tried this with a Wet n Wild product but I find it a little hard to use. When I saw that Pixi has a nude liner like this, I knew I needed to try it! I love that it is twist-up and seems like a great color to brighten up that lower water line. Pixi has some great “on trend” products.

Lower Lash Mascara Black Detail

Another lower lash line product! I am always really scared to do mascara on my lower lashline because it smudges and transfers so easily. Even ones that are geared to NOT transferring! But I love how tiny and thin this wand is- made especially for those lower lashes. I have got to try this! Have you ever tried it? I’d love to know how it works.

Are you curious to try any of these products like I am?? Let me know if you’ve ever tried any Pixi products that you think I need to add to my wishlist. XOXO

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