45 Blogmas Post Ideas

I can’t believe it, but its time to get working on all things Blogmas! Last year was my first year to do a consistent form of Blogmas and I loved it! If you didn’t know, Blogmas is blogs + Christmas in one great post! Typically Vlogmas (the video version) or Blogmas is every day, but I personally think that’s just a lot to ask of my readers. And finding Blogmas post ideas can be a long process!

Last year I did 14 Blogmas posts and this year I’m aiming for even more! Basically, how I personally do Blogmas is 3 posts a week like normal but all focused on the holidays and Christmas. I’m even planning a few extra surprise posts through the month of December too! Whether you are doing it every day or your own version, sometimes it can be daunting to come up with enough post ideas for Blogmas. I know there are many different versions of these lists, but here is mine! Let’s share the wealth with 45 Blogmas post ideas for my fellow bloggers today.

I highly suggest participating in some kind of Blogmas if you are a blogger. It typically increases your traffic and it’s honestly just fun and festive. So here are a handful or two of my favorite Blogmas topics and post ideas!

45 Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Beauty Gift Guide
  2. Gifts for Him
  3. Gifts for Her
  4. Favorite Christmas movies
  5. Best Christmas memories
  6. Holiday lip colors
  7. The reason we celebrate Christmas
  8. Favorite Christmas recipe
  9. A look at your Christmas decor
  10. Holiday devotions
  11. Dealing with __ during Christmas (grief, depression, etc.)
  12. Favorite Hallmark movies
  13. Local Holiday Events
  14. Favorite Christmas goodies
  15. Book lovers gift guide
  16. Top 10 Christmas songs
  17. Pet gift guide
  18. Host a Christmas giveaway
  19. Favorite Christmas candles
  20. Your Christmas wishlist
  21. Holiday lookbook
  22. Festive nail colors
  23. Yummy Christmas snack recipe
  24. Hot cocoa or Cider recipe
  25. Cute Christmas Wallpapers
  26. Stocking Stuffers for your dad
  27. Stocking Stuffers for her
  28. Ways to give back during the holiday season
  29. What makes your Christmas special
  30. Childhood Christmas memories
  31. Holiday date night ideas
  32. Christmas Eve traditions
  33. Favorite other blogmas bloggers
  34. Blogmas ideas 🙂
  35. The story of the Nativity
  36. A letter to your childhood self at Christmas
  37. Secret Santa gift ideas
  38. White elephant funny gift ideas
  39. Your favorite Christmas cartoon as a child
  40. Comfy Christmas night in
  41. Christmas pamper night
  42. High-end makeup gift guide
  43. Drugstore makeup gift guide
  44. Presents you can make
  45. What a Christmas carol means to you

What are some of YOUR favorite posts to read during Blogmas? Let me know in the comments! Also, who is already getting excited about Blogmas 2018?? I know I am!

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