Sharing all the secrets || Makeup edition

Ready for me to spill all my secrets? My makeup secrets of course! Who gives the best sells? What’s the best bang for your buck? Do you need high-end makeup? Today I am sharing a few of my well-kept makeup secrets.

We know I am no makeup expert, but I do deal with makeup all the time and am constantly improving my skills. Maybe these are secrets you already know but I wanted to share them anyway! I about died when I went on YouTube today because Tati, one of my favorite beauty vloggers, shared a video about her makeup secrets. I had started this post last week and we apparently had the same idea! How fun!

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Secret #1 Tarte offers the best sales {and much more often}

I am constantly impressed with Tarte for multiple reasons; one being the fact that they have an incredible quality of products. I would consider them high-end but not luxury pricing. Tarte is killing it with product releases and sales. I probably have a few emails a week from them with special discounts or flash sales. If I’ve put things in my cart but never buy it, I typically get a 15% off coupon just because. They have huge sales and great flash sales. Tarte just had one where sale stuff was another like 30% off; so I purchased one of their brush sets for like $22 regularly $49.

Tarte knows how to keep you coming back. I am much more likely to buy high-end when they offer good sales and great products. If you don’t get their emails, go sign up right now! It is completely worth it. The fact that they offer such great deals earns my respect for the company- they seem to care about their people.

Secret #2 The only difference between contour powder and bronzer is usually the shade/undertone

The contour, bronzer debate. When I first started W&W, I never used bronzer or contour powder and I honestly had no idea what the differences were in them. Well, I still barely know! I totally get that they are two different things- contour helps shape the face and you apply it where you would have shadows and bronzer is to warm up the face so you place it where the sun would hit your face. But, if I am honest, there isn’t much different in the powders at all.

The difference is basically the shade or undertones. Bronzer will be warmer toned powders that sometimes have a little shimmer to it. Contour powder tends to be more ashy with more grey undertones and typically shouldn’t have shimmer or glitter. So if you aren’t sure if you can use a bronzer powder for a contour powder, sure, why not! Just make sure it is the correct shade and undertone for the way you want to use it. Remeber, I am no full-time professional but these are things that I have learned or what works for me.

Secret #3 Waterproof eyeliner isn’t always waterproof

The packaging can lie. If I had a nickel for every single “waterproof” or “water-resistant” liquid liner ran and smudged- I’d be rich! I have awful allergies, and well, I live in Oklahoma so my eyes water almost constantly. So because of that issue, liner can be both my saving grace and worst nightmare in the makeup world. Honestly, there are very few liners that I have tried that are truly waterproof; Stila is one of them.

As long as your aware of it, it shouldn’t keep you from wearing it- just make sure you keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t smudge.  But its always good to test out the “waterproof-ness” of the liner before you go somewhere where you need to keep your cat eyes in perfect place.

Secret #4 Apply shimmer or glitter shadows with your finger

This might be one you already know, but it has been such a lifesaver for me and my eye looks. Sometimes heavy glitter or shimmer shadows don’t apply well with a brush. Even when I spray my brush with a fixing spray, some of the glitter shadows don’t apply well. Huda is an incredible brand but all of their glitter/shimmer shades don’t apply with a brush. If you try with a brush, I would almost guarantee you won’t get a nice pigment on the lid. For some reason, applying with a finger works 110% better and gives you a more vibrant and shimmery shade. Make sure your hands are clean and don’t be afraid to use your finger to apply those bright, shimmer shades to the lid.

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Secret #5 Follow your own face as a guide

Y’all, I watch a lot of YouTube and mainly beauty videos. You can learn so much from the ladies on the internet but it’s so important to remember: their faces aren’t exactly yours. What I mean is that they might need heavy concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles but you might not! Remember that videos are typically based off their preferences, skin type, and issues.

So if you’re learning how to contour from a video, remember that you might have to vary where on the cheekbones you apply it base off of your own face. Make sure what you are doing looks best for you! If you need, maybe search for videos specializing in your type of skin or similar face shape. Remember that if you have hooded eyes, a typical eyeshadow tutorial won’t look the exact same on you. I just recommend remembering to follow your needs and not just what the beauty gurus say.

Did you enjoy reading some of my makeup secrets? I’d love to share another post about them if you’d like! What are some of your makeup secrets you’d like to share? XOX

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