Fall Bucket List 2017

Fall. Sweaters, scarves, booties, cardigans, beanies, hot chocolate, fires, leaves, pumpkins….all my favorite things. I want to celebrate the beginning of September with all the things I want to accomplish this fall. Do you ever have a bucket list for a season? Each season seems to have its own specific activities so I wanted to share my favorite for fall.

Today is all about my Fall Bucket List! Things that I want to check off my list as done and accomplished. From pumpkin carving to sipping coffee by a fire, you’ll see all my favorite activities and hobbies for the fall season!


  • Carve a pumpkin with actual precision and technique. I normally just do two lame eyes and a mouth. I want to do a cool design this fall! Give me some ideas!
  • Visit a local hot chocolate food truck called Katiebugs. Here in OK Katiebugs serves shaved ice during the summer months and famous hot chocolate during fall and winter. They also make fresh, homemade marshmallows with amazing flavors such as peanut butter or vanilla. It is the cutest little trailer that works as a food truck, it is a cold months must do!
  • Buy a cute, new pair of booties
  • Rock a blanket scarf for more than 15 minutes at a time (they tend to make me overheat HA!)
  • Try new fall colored nail polishes-not the same ole same ole!
  • Spend a few nights at a cabin in full fall fashion
  • Make a big batch of Spiced Tea mix- this is an old family recipe (probably not our own recipe but we’ve made it for years) and I haven’t made a batch of the mix in a few years! It is a mix of cider and hot tea.
  •  Have a semi-ly scary movie marathon (no demons please)
  • Find the prettiest colored leaves in the city and photograph them
  • Complete a few fall family photoshoots
  • Enjoy a delicious PSL!
  • Blog more and enjoy the fall weather outside

What is on your fall bucket list?? Give me a few more ideas of things to do this fall! Get read, set, enjoy! XO


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