4 tips for refreshing sleep

It’s that time of year, everyone is going back to school. Our long summer nights are gone and our need for better and consistent sleep is key. A good nights rest is vital to how we perform our duties at school or work.

Fall is a great time to really try to stick to a great routine and help yourself get the best and most refreshing night sleep you can. Today I am sharing my top tips for achieving a refreshing night’s sleep this fall.

Here is a few of my tips for having a great and refreshing nights sleep this fall!

1. Decide on a time and stick to it

One of the most important keys to getting a good and refreshing night’s sleep is to have a ROUTINE! I am the worst at a nightly routine and it has honestly been something I am trying to get better at! Each person’s routine will probably be different, so I thought I would just share a little breakdown of mine.

  • take off makeup and wash my face/teeth
  • apply serums, moisturizers and lotion to the perspective areas
  • turn off my lights and read a few verses or a quiet time
  • flip through social media (probably not the best)
  • finally, turn on a Frasier and head to sleep!

I am usually in bed around 9 or 10 because I really have to let myself decompress before I can drift off to sleep. Because I don’t have a job yet, I can sleep in a little, so my bedtime isn’t very strict. Make sure you have a routine that is do-able and works well for you and your family.

2. Make sure you’re sleeping on the right mattress

You could have the best routine and be diligent in keeping it but if you don’t have the right mattress you could still be lacking good and refreshing sleep. If you are not comfortable with your current mattress I suggest checking out what Leesa has to offer. Leesa is a great company that is providing us with mattress’ to help everyone achieve a great nights sleep. “Designed from the inside out with a universal adaptive feel to provide the cooling, contouring and core support everybody needs to sleep better,” – Leesa website. 

3. Essential oils are your friends

I know, you’ve heard so many things about oils and how they’re life changing. I won’t say that they are life changing, but I do really enjoy using them and learning about their benefits. I love using oils and diffuse them in my room at night when I head to bed. Recently, I am really using roll-on oils. I use the Aura Cacia roll-on’s in Chill Pill and Lavender. I can’t promise that they will send you off to sleep right away but I do find myself calmed by the scents I use and they really help my body relax so that I can get ready for bed.

4. Remember the importance of sleep 

Sleep is something that many people think they can live without. In college, I was always the student that went to bed instead of pulling all nighter’s and guess what, I still made good grades. My simple tip for getting refreshing sleep is to make sleep a priority. So many times we put off sleep for anything else and then we regret it. My goal this fall is to encourage you to make refreshing sleep your routine. Go to sleep at a good time and don’t stay up watching that movie or texting your other half.

So put down that book and get some good sleep! Remember to take sleep seriously and do your best to facilitate a refreshing night sleep and routine. Put this at the top of your list of things to accomplish this fall and let’s get back to enjoying sleep!

What would your tips be? Let me know in the comments! What is your routine at night like? Give me some ideas! XO


2 thoughts on “4 tips for refreshing sleep

  1. Good tips! I love the feeling of freshly changed sheets but just too lazy to do it often enough. 😀 But I feel like I always sleep better after changing them. 🙂 So that would be my tip I guess. And I personally sleep better if the temperature in the bed room is a bit lower than elsewhere in the house.

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