2 years.

Today, August 1st marks two years of being a college graduate. On this day, two years ago, I was finally considered alumni of my college. Everything I had worked so hard for the past four years was finally done and I then had an cool title: Hilary Parr – college graduate with a BA in News and Information. (Cum Laude too) 

After papers, presentations, news writing, and so much more…I was finally about to start the next chapter of my life: career. Sitting here two years later, I am no where closer to having that career than I was that day.

I’ve spent 2 years interview and applying for jobs. I’ve spent 2 years crying over rejection emails and spent hundreds of hours on all job websites. I knew (still do) the right answers, I was always prepared. I researched every company, dressed well, and shook hands like I was always taught. But I was never taught one thing: you can be the perfect candidate and still be passed up. 

2 years. 2 incredibly draining, emotional, and hard years. I’ve battled with God about not bringing me something, I’ve questioned Him, and cried out to Him. I still don’t exactly know why I haven’t found the right job. It’s something God still hasn’t revealed to me yet. I am so grateful for one thing: God is not afraid of our questions. He is still near me and still hearing me. He just hasn’t answered my prayers when and how I wanted them.

I can’t say I haven’t been angry or hurt or frustrated, because I have been all those things and more. It’s hard not to. I am so thankful I serve a God that is gracious and understanding. He is patient with me. He is kind with me. Even through these two long years, I still believe He has my best interests at heart and knows better than I. He has never forsaken me, and He won’t ever. While I might have moments of frustration or bitterness, I don’t believe that God has left me…it just isn’t His timing yet. 

He is everlasting, all-knowing, loving, caring, and perfect…I would much rather wait on His timing than my own flawed timing. My prayer is that even if it takes 2 more years that I would still trust Him and praise Him while I wait.

I battled on whether or not to share this because I don’t want employers to see this and think “if no one else has hired her, why should we.” But I also feel the need to share my struggles and my heart with y’all here on W&W. I never want to seem completely put together, I want to be real. 


13 thoughts on “2 years.

  1. I’m glad you shared this! I love seeing bloggers being real about what they are going through. Life isn’t all sparkly and perfect so I don’t think our blogs should be either. I’m about to graduate at the end of this year and it is really scary. I have no idea what I’m doing next year but I’m trusting God will show me the way.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I could’ve written this post. I too graduated 2 years ago (but I’m 27!) and have been in school for 8 years due to health issues and my dad’s death. I still don’t have a job either, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design. Now I was able to get 2 internships (I couldn’t intern or work while in school because my seizures prevented me from driving, and I went to a commuter school) after graduation, one of which was paid, but that’s still not enough to garner a job. I get the interviews, but not the job. I don’t have the outgoing personality they want. Like you, I have questioned God and His goodness. Why? Why me? Why us? It’s not fair! And I am scared to post about it on my blog too, especially with an upcoming interview and putting my blog on my resume. But God has me waiting because I have to take care of my sister who has autism (as frustrating it can be), especially while my mom got promoted and my stepdad is in training for a new job. God is teaching me to be more patient, humble and gracious. If you need to talk about, and encourage each other through prayer and verses, you can email me at han.e.padilla@gmail.com


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    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love your blog and it’s nice to get to know you a bit.
      Yeah, I might delete it later, I don’t want it to be a turn off for employers but I felt like I needed to share.
      I’m praying you get something soon. I hate having to rely on my parents still but they’re so patient and loving. You’re so sweet to be taking care of your sister. I’ll definitely email you!


  3. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way that we planned. But HIS plan is way better! Hold on to that … you truly sparkle! Praise in the good times and in not the so good times. HE won’t let you down ❤


  4. Don’t give up! The perfect opportunity is out there! Cast a wide net, network, use online resources, get professional feedback on your resume and cover letter and never give up hope!


  5. Thank you for sharing this! You are struggling with something that most people do.. I was included!! Keep your head up and good luck!!


  6. Thanks so much for being so candid and open about this! It’s so wonderful to read things like this where everyone is being honest about struggles and supporting one another and lifting each other up in them.


  7. This marks two years for me as well! Don’t give up. I know it can be so hard to find your path but your journey has a purpose!


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