Latest Lifestyle Photoshoot

My photography side business is really growing and I am excited about each new client and each returning client. I love the opportunity to capture such exciting and special moments in people's lives. Today, for Favorites Friday, I wanted to share some new photos I recently took of a handsome little dude. I had the … Continue reading Latest Lifestyle Photoshoot


20 Questions: the makeup tag

Hello! Welcome back to another exciting Makeup Monday post! I wanted to do something fun and different, so I went searching for a tag I haven't done yet! I stumbled upon Rachel's from rachelXblog post where she did this same tag! I loved the questions and they seemed different from ones I've answered before so … Continue reading 20 Questions: the makeup tag

A letter to my college self 

College. One of the best times in life! You get to be more independent, pick your major, and really find where God is leading you in life. But college isn't all sunshine and A+'s. I've teamed up with Earnest to write a letter to my college self. What do I have wish I knew? What … Continue reading A letter to my college self 

National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum // Deal

I've teamed up with the US Family Guide to provide Oklahoma families with an amazing opportunity to visit a new exhibit at the famous National Cowboy Western and Heritage museum.  The National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum is America's premier institution of Western history, art and culture. NEW FAMILY EXIHIBT: Power and Prestige Children's Gallery … Continue reading National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum // Deal

I am not alone

In a world full of people, it is still easy to feel alone. People let you down, family moves or passes away, you name it. Loneliness is a hard emotion to feel and sadly it happens so often. Do you ever feel alone? I have a song for your. There is good news for … Continue reading I am not alone

Currently Crazy About: beauty brands 

Today I'm starting a new series! I found this fun title from a fellow blogger, Jackie, and knew I had to steal it! Make sure you check out her post as well! This series will be throughout all days of the blog every few weeks! It's just an exciting way to share new and exciting … Continue reading Currently Crazy About: beauty brands 

Winter Lip Favorites 

Today's (day late) Favorites Friday is all about the lips. Winter is upon us; which brings another season to wear lip products in. If you've missed my "Spring Lips," "Fall Lips," or my "Top Picks for Holiday Lips" posts be sure to catch up! I love to share what colors I'm loving for each season...and … Continue reading Winter Lip Favorites 

From the archives: Redefine the Image

This weekend, I posted a picture of myself on my Instagram that was me without makeup enjoying the snow. It was by far my most "liked" and commented on photo to date. It reminded me of this post I shared a while back. This is still very dear to my heart and I wanted to … Continue reading From the archives: Redefine the Image

Snow Day Favorites

Guess what, it is SNOWING here in OK today! I woke up to a beautiful white blanket of snow outside my windows this morning. I love snow. I love walking in it, playing in it, photographing it, and just watching it glisten and fall. Today, in light of my snow day, I wanted to share … Continue reading Snow Day Favorites

5 verses I’m trying to memorize 

One goal I have for 2017 is to get into the Word more and more; even if it's only a few verses a day. I'm horrible at daily quiet times and that's going to change this year! Scripture is great (and needed) to read but memorizing is important as well. When you memorize scripture, it's … Continue reading 5 verses I’m trying to memorize