The heart of Christmas: the ultimate present 

I can’t let the Christmas season pass without discussing the real, true meaning of Christmas. You know me, I can talk about movies, decorations, and holiday lips all day…but that pales in comparison to why we even celebrate Christmas at all.

While Christmas is about spending time with family and giving presents…it’s so much more. If you think about it, at the heart of Christmas is a present…that leads to salvation and grace. God gave us the best present we could ever need: He gave us Jesus. But it didn’t stop there. He gave us Jesus to die for us so that we could be saved. God gave us the ultimate gift, and it’s a gift hat keeps on giving. But it’s so much more than a present we could ever give or get. A great definition of Christmas, “Christmas happens at the moment when heaven’s light invades the darkness of planet Earth,” (Devotional, day 6). 

I’ve been doing an advent devotion from YouVersion called “Joy! To Your World! A countdown to Christmas” and it have been one of the best devotions I have ever done. It’s been taking each character and part of the Christmas Story in the Bible and dissecting it.  Many times we gloss over Mary, Elizabeth, and more’s story…but this devotion doesn’t. I’ve learned so much already! I wanted to share a few thoughts from that study with y’all.

  • I’ve heard Zachariah and Elizabeth’s story my whole life…but through this devotion I saw their story with new eyes. They spent their whole life waiting something they wanted with their whole hearts. It’s believed that the Elizabeth was in her nineties when she became pregnant with John the Baptist. That’s many, many decades of waiting for God to fulfill this longing. God heard their prayers, and it might not have been long after their timing but God fulfilled those prayers. I’m this season of waiting I am in, their stories and testimonies to patience and trust speaks volumes.
  • Mary, in many terms, was a nobody. Yet because of her willing and faithful spirit God chose to use her. We may not know what God is preparing us for…we just have to be ready and willing. Mary didn’t have all the answers when the angel appeared to her, I can image she was so scared. But she didn’t hesitate. She didn’t ask for a few minute to think about it or even a million questions. She just accepted. “Christmas, for Mary, was about understanding that God’s ways are so much higher than our ways.” (Devotional, day 6) Mary was a virgin, she probably didn’t understand everything that the angel said immediately. She had to learn that God’s ways are far greater and higher than ours…and we just have to be ready and willing.
  • During Christmas, we all say that Jesus came to save us. But you need to remember that Jesus came to save you. YOU. You might feel lonely, hated, and misunderstood but Jesus came and died to save you. Yes, He came to save us all, but remember that He knows and loves you just the same. 
  • We’ve all heard that nothing is impossible with God. But I believe the story of Jesus birth (and even John the Baptist) are a full testimony to that fact. Jesus was born of a virgin. John was born to extremely old parents. Time and age are nothing to Gods power. Our humanly constraints cannot fathom the power of God. “But God breaks all the constraints of human standards. His ways are higher than our ways…” (Devotional, day 13). 

I could talk about this for hours, but I’ll leave you with this. Don’t forget the ultimate gift; the only one that matters this Christmas: Jesus. 

Merry Christmas from mine to yours friends!!

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    Yes…It’s been like we are forgetting the real reason Christmas came to be. People are more concerned with the presents and holiday festivities but fail to realize and remember that Jesus is the reason for this season. Thank you for uploading this….I would try your devotional, although I very much enjoy Our Daily Manner by Chris kwapovwe. Love

    December 28, 2016 at 7:49 am
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