Saying Goodbye

Where do I start? I’ve lost family. I’ve lost a grandma. I’ve grieved and felt pain. But until now, I hadn’t really lost a friend that I was close too.

This week, I lost a friend, a mentor, and a sister. She fought cancer 4 times without complaining or losing a smile. She’s now resting pain free with her savior. Knowing that I will see her again one day, in heaven, is the only comfort I have been able to cling too.

I wanted to honor her, and the best way to do so, is to share what she taught me and all the amazing things I learned from her and my time being her friend.

I first met Kinlee when I interviewed for the PR intern position for the International Finals Youth Rodeo. I never thought I would get the job…I never thought I was capable enough for it. But Kinlee saw potential in me and hired me for the internship.

That few weeks was a whirlwind of opportunities and I learned so much. I had the experience of working with local news stations, on-air radio time, and so much more. These were opportunities I never would have had if Kinlee hadn’t of hired me…something I am forever grateful for. But also I got to know the spunky, kind, and loving boss of mine!

I had the chance to stay on as intern for that fall semester, so of course I said YES! During that time I got to set up and run different contests and promotions because Kinlee allowed me to come up with ideas and actually let me follow through with them. All these things gave me such confidence and strength in my career.

If you follow along with this blog, you know I have been searching and searching for a job. That process has really beaten me down.But I can always remember that I do have potential and something to offer the place I will eventually work for. When all these other people tell me no and no again, it makes you feel very insecure…but knowing that someone has seen and grown my potential is so encouraging.

This week, I say goodbye to my mentor and friend. I say goodbye to someone who empowered me and gave me confidence in my writing abilities and in the job world. I say goodbye to a boss that taught me I had potential and molded me. But more than that, I say goodbye to a sister.  Here are a few things she taught me:

To smile no matter what

How to be a strong and independent woman

How to love others and show kindness 

How to be successful in the business world 

How to be confident 

Please be praying for me an her family and friends this week. Sadness hits at the most random moments. We have hope in Christ.

I also hope to be back blogging this week, the days might be off, but I’ll have a few new posts this week.


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  • Reply Stephanie Meiler-Gideon

    Kinlee was an amazing person and this would make her cry and smile and laugh all at the same time. She didn’t see herself as others saw her so she would blush and laugh it off but with her gone we feel the void, we realize just how big her presence really was. She will be missed by so many but I will always think of her with a smile because that is what she would have wanted! You did an awesome job honoring her!

    November 21, 2016 at 9:59 pm
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