Travel Essentials // Favorites Friday 

In light of my recent vacation to Colorado, I decide to share my travel essentials with ya’ll today for Favoites Friday.  

During a trip away from home there are always things we take with us but not everything is essential. But whether you drive or fly, there are always a few things you MUST have with you! 

Laptop case 

Pick which one you want, but ya need one. I’m currently using my Kate Spade striped case. It zips, has padding, and is made with material that you can wash smudges off of it. I tend to be pretty clumsy and hard on my travel bag so having a durable case to protect my precious laptop is a definite essential. 

Roll up keyboard 

This is a new essential to my travel bag. My dad recently bought a roll up keyboard from LG and I stole it for the trip 😉 It works off of bluetooth and is perfect for long car trips with no internet access for my laptop. When I wasn’t driving, I was usually getting a head start on some blog posts with this keyboard and my phone. It rolls up and is extremely easy to pack up and doesn’t take up much room in your bag. 


I mean, am I right? When you’re  tirelessly driving or flying, snacks are perfect to have with you. I try to keep some healthy ones mixed in with a little indulgent surprise as well. I like things like: frozen grapes, chex mix, nuts, chocolate, or pretzels. Make sure to take some with you because the cost of on the road snacks will definitely drive up the overall price of the trip. 

Aux cord

In my own car, I have a hook up for an iphone aux cord so normally I just use that. For this trip we had to purchase a cassette to aux cord and it has worked really well so far. Either way you do it, it is vital to my travel essentials to be able to listen to my phone and my audiobooks. 

Book and Bible

I am fortunate enough to not get car sickness when I read so I always bring a book and my Bible for the low and boring parts of the trip. I am currently reading “Finding Stephanie” by Susan May Warren. The Bible I brought along was my journaling ESV Bible…I knew I would want to do some journaling while I gaze at the mountains. I suggest finding a great new book or grabbing your old favorite and throwing it in your bag for any trip. 


If you’ve never heard of it, Audible is a audio book app/website that allows you to purchase and listen to books of all kinds. You can pay for a book outright or pay $14.95 a month and get a free credit each month. That is definitely the best deal in my opinion; books tend to be over $14 so the free credit is really worth it. During this trip, we’ve been listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. It is a vital part of any of my vacations and travels. 

What items are on your travel essential list? I know each person has their own favorite items so I am eager to hear what you can’t live without on a trip of any kind. 

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  • Reply Aanu Ayoleke

    I’ll be going on a big journey soon! You are heaven-sent! Good job!

    October 19, 2016 at 3:35 pm
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