Beauty Unfavorites

Now, now, let me explain. W&W is usually all positive and uplifting posts; and it will always be that. But today I wanted to talk about some products that I either didn’t like, didn’t work for me, or was not impressed with.

Even though staying positive is great and needed in this world; sometimes I want to share a  few products I wasn’t in love with so that you can beware before you buy them. W&W is all about being open and telling you my real thoughts on products, so here we go!

Wet N Wild Highlighter and Concealer Pen

I bought this in a rush and wish I hadn’t! The formula is fine but I couldn’t stand the applicator. It’s a twist up that allows the product to bleed through the brush. For me, it’s too inconsistent and hard to work with. The prouduct wouldn’t come out then all the sudden it would all come at once. I know this is definitely a personal thing but I wasn’t a fan! If you can handle that applicator, go for it!

Equate makeup remover wipes

Normally, I’m all for the cheaper version of stuff but not in the case of makeup wipes. I’ve tried the equate brand of wipes numerous times and they never seem to work well for me. They’re a little more rough and dry than the Neutrogena ones. I tend to have to work harder to get my eye makeup off and I’m not a fan of that! I’d rather spend a few more dollars and get the Neutrogena ones.

NYX HD concealer

Just like the wet n wild concealer, the formula is great but I couldn’t stand the applicator. The longer I used it the more I hated the brush and applicator. It was hard and pointy which never felt good under my eyes. This applicator was rough and didn’t feel good on my skin. If they changed the brush, I’d be a fan of this in a heartbeat.

E.l.f. Essential lipstick 

At $1.00, I was so excited about this find! However the more I used it, the more I was disappointed. There was limited pigmentation and it was really hard to apply. I had to work too much to get the lipstick on my lips and even then-there was barely any color to it! Now it was only $1 so it didn’t make me too upset but I definitely won’t be running out and buying more anytime soon.

Maybelline The Rocket mascara 

I mention this because of the after effects. While this does make my lashes look incredible I can’t wear it anymore. This mascara is impossible to get off my lashes! I loved how it looked but getting it off was making my lashes fall out. The mascara is almost like tar on your lashes and it’s extremely difficult to remove! And the look isn’t worth the pain of losing lashes in the end!

What kind of products are you not loving lately?? Have you tried anything I have mentioned? Let me know your thoughts!


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