Top 4 Family Vloggers

It’s no secret: I’m addicted to YouTube. I watch it daily and I have no shame about it. It’s also not a secret that there’s a lot of crazy/scary/disturbing/inappropriate things on YouTube as well. When you search it’s hard to know what’s good and bad to watch until usually it’s too late.

Today I am sharing my top 4 family Vloggers. If you don’t know what a vlog is, it’s basically a video blog. These 4 couples vlog usually daily. Whether the day is good or bad, they share their life with you. Most are pretty hilarious and have cute kids that add to their popularity. youtuve

From what I’ve found, these are 4 good wholesome and encouraging families. They talk about faith and church, keep their mouth clean, and provide appropriate and funny videos to watch. I love seeing them unashamed as they talk about their church or their faith as well as being overall really genuine people. I am not completely sure of each families denomination but overall, they are enthusiastic and positive YouTubers who share family friendly videos. And they might be silly, but I always get a good laugh from them.

Cullen and Katie  

A baptist family located in Alabama; Cullen and Katie are the epitome of southern charm. Their two kids, Gaines and Brooks, provide much sweetness and laughs to their videos! They’ve shared the good and the bad in their videos: new baby, miscarriages, family death, etc. I love their joy and their willingness to share all of life’s events with us!

Daily Bumps (aka Bryan and Missy Lanning) 

I only recently found Daily Bumps. The name “Daily Bumps” is because they share the ups and the downs of life with everyone. Bryan is a singer/songwriter as well as a YouTuber. They have two handsome little boys who are a joy to watch! DB is a fun family who live in California, I believe. Bryan’s music is also really incredible and his music seems to have some Christ based lyrics.

Ellie and Jared

Ellie and Jared are also a newer find, but I love their joy. I have not found a video that is not full of happiness and joy even in harder times. They are such a positive and encouraging family. I love their bright and excited attitudes; they never fail to cheer me up.

Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia are the most outspoken with their faith in my eyes. They receive a lot of hate because of it…but that doesn’t stop them! They have shared heartbreaking moments on YouTube such as a miscarriage and some previous infidelity. But they are extremely open about what God has done and continues to do in their lives. Love watching this family because I am always encouraged by their strength.

I also have to mention the SacconeJoly’s; an Irish family living in the UK. They don’t proclaim Christianity or a specific religion but they do produce clean and usually wholesome videos. I, of course, can’t judge on if they are Christians or not, but if you’re looking for a good clean vlog family-they are one to look at! .Also, their little kids English accents are the best to listen too.

What is your favorite family vlogger? Let me know!

This is NOT endorsed or sponsored. I am, by no means, saying that I have watched every single video and can promise that they are clean in every single one. I can say, I have watched NUMEROUS videos and can say that from what I see-they are wholesome family vloggers who produce clean videos; most of which mention and talk about their faith and church. 

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