A few new purchases

Hello Friends! I hope your Sunday is going well and is a refreshing, beautiful day! If not, remember that God’s mercies are new every morning and tomorrow is a brand new day.

Today is all about some fun (random) recent purchases I have found over the last few months and just had to share with ya’ll. I always love seeing what people have picked up lately because it gives me ideas of things to buy!


Anthropologie “H” mug 

You guys know I am obsessed with mugs of all kinds. Anthropologie is full of amazing mugs and drink-ware; I tend to buy one every time I am there. I purchased this on sale for only $6! I am planning to use it on my desk to hold pens or makeup brushes! I just love the detail on the initial. DSC_1035.JPG

Gold Wire Heart Diamond from Hobby Lobby 

I bought this with a gift card and it was on sale (still is, click above to see); I love Hobby Lobby sales! I am planning to stick this above my bed to decorate it since I have no head board. I just love how simple and pretty it is!

Water Bottle from Home Goods

If you’ve never shopped at a Home Goods, you are missing out! It has a little bit of everything you need for your home (and more). I found this adorable floral water bottle last week at my local Home Goods. If you are familiar with HG, then you’ll know I can’t link the exact product because they don’t have inventory online. Just search for a local store and go see what you can find. DSC_1048

3 Wick White Barn Candles 

I found these two luxurious candles from Bath and Body Works; both of which are part of the White Barn collection. Both of these I bought at different sale times a few weeks ago; winner! Cactus Blossom has hints of coconut, vanilla, lemon, and cactus flower. I can’t even describe how it smells: just. so. good. Eucalyptus Mint smells just like a spa! These candles not only smell incredible but look amazing; the packaging is so sleek and classy. I can’t wait to load up on some fall ones soon. DSC_1038.JPG

Bow Makeup Headband from Ulta

I waited for weeks and weeks for this to come back into stock and it finally did early this month so I grabbed it as fast as I could. I am such a girly girl and when I saw this cute terrycloth bow headband to keep your hair back while you do your makeup-I knew I needed it. It fits perfectly and stays on pretty well! I am so glad if finally came back in stock. And it was only $4.99!

There you have it! Just a few items I loved enough I wanted to share them with you! What have you bought lately?? XO


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