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Happy Friday friends!!! Today is a good day, I’m off for a fun staycation with my sister! It’s much needed and I’m so ready for it.

Today in honor of my little “vacation,” I thought I would share my favorite vacation spots with you! My family hasn’t always had the funds to vacation every year but when we go, it’s always an amazing trip! Everyone has their own idea of a perfect vacation but here are mine.

The Caribbean  

I’ve been to both the East and West islands in the Caribbean including Jamaica, St. Thomas, Cozumel, the Bahamas, and St. Martin; all of which have been on 2 different cruises. I never thought I would be a fan of cruises, but oh boy, I am! I love it because you get a little bit of everything: sailing, beaches, high quality service, and relaxation. I have loved every minute of the cruises I have taken to the Caribbean. There is so much to do on each Island, I want to take the same cruise again! Cruising the Caribbean is a great option because you get to see a little of a few different islands instead of just one. 

Disney World

My family have been die-hard Disney fans since before I was born. In fact, I’ve probably been to Disney World about 6 times (or more). I will never be over the magic and the beauty of the Disney parks. I can’t wait to one day have children so I can take them to Disney. I always wanted to be the voice of a Disney princess. I am a firm believer that Disney World is the best world and Land has no business playing with the big boys. (Then again, that’s only MY opinion). My favorite parks are in this order: Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studies are both tied for second, and then Animal Kingdom.

Branson Missouri

I know, I know…many people think only old folks go there but I honestly love Branson, especially in the fall. I love the shows, the atmosphere, and the museums. If you’re looking for a vacation in fall or winter, Branson is a great place to go! They decorate for Christmas like it’s the North Pole. The Titanic Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum are two of my favorite attractions.


My grandparents live in Miami, my other grandpa was raised in Palm Beach, and my dad was raised in Miami also….needless to say I have had roots in Florida for my whole life. Along with Disney World, I love vacationing in any part of Florida. I have either driven through or stayed in every major part of Florida and I love it all. Want to know a secret? My absolute favorite thing about Florida is the skies.


I understand we don’t always have the money to get away when we need too. So there’s always the option to stay home! Either get a hotel in your area or just literally stay home and still do some fun things! I’ve got 2 fun posts coming soon about that, so stay tuned!

What are your favorite places to vacation?? Let me know!

*All photography is my own

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