From the archives: HOPE 

I wanted to share this post because it’s so relavant to our world today. Jesus is the only thing that can save us from this hate filled and violent world. Our hope is in Christ so I have joy. But my heart breaks for the world and the state it’s in. For believers, let’s rest today because Jesus has already won this war! My hope is built on nothing than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. 

This word has been on my mind a lot this week. My family recently went through a few trials and heartbreaks. Satan knows that’s one of the best times to hit you. It’s been a long few days and the events are still weighing heavy on me. 

This week I was reminded how important hope is to have in life. When things look bleak, dark, and devastating…our hope is what can get us through. For me, my hope is in Christ. Even on my darkest days, I still have hope. Christ is an everlasting hope. Christ is an absolute hope. With Christ there is no question, He will always be there and He will never let us down.

The problem is that hope can be very hard to see and remember in times of trial. When life hits us with a heartbreaking situation and Satan is attacking us–sometimes the darkness makes the hope seem impossible. That is when we must push even harder to keep our eyes on Jesus, the light in the darkness, the hope for the hopeless, and the mender of the broken. I fully believe that sometimes people fall into the darkness and let it overcome them because they lose sight of the hope.

Sometimes the hope won’t be fulfilled in this life. Our lasting hope is with Jesus in heaven. But that’s the point. Even if the future of our life on Earth is bleak, we have an eternal hope in heaven. We also have to remember that Christ alone is the true hope in life. Our hope cannot be found in anyone or anything else but him.

My prayer is that all of your remember that even in the chaos and the hurt, God brings you hope. And for the children of God, we will always, ALWAYS have hope.

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