5 brands I’m loving 

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today I wanted to just share a few brands I’m currently loving right now. From beauty and makeup to fashion, I have a few go-to brands I’ve been really enjoying. 

  1. Kate Spade // I’m sure y’all are shocked that this is on the list 😉 But I can’t help it! Kate Spade stuff is so classy and chic. AND they have really good sales! I’ve never paid full price (or anywhere near it) for any Kate Spade I have! I just recieved a makeup bag from Kate Spade for my birthday and I already love it! I’ll review it soon! Items I love from this brand: phone cases, planners, and purses. 
  2. NYX // In my eyes, NYX is a great in between drugstore and high end brand. Some of their items are a little higher than typical drugstore but usually less than the expensive stuff! I am in love with the quality of products that NYX puts out, I only wish that Walmart sold it. Items I love from this brand: liquid suede lip colors, bronzer, and ombré blushes. 
  3. Tarte // Tarte is quickly becoming one of my favorite high-end brands. Their products are fairly affordable and definitely worth it. I recieved the Swamp Queen palette for my birthday and will be reviewing it next week! Their blushes and eye shadows have great color pay off and go on very smoothly. Items I love from this brand: palettes, eyeshadow, and blushes. 
  4. Makeup Revolution // MR is a new found favorite of mine. I have 2 of their Iconic palettes and they are incredible for the small cost of $7. I’m planning on buying their contour palette which is only $10. The only downside is I’ve only found it at Ulta; but I’m thankful they seem to have a good display of it. If you’re looking for a great drugstore brand to try, try Makeup Revolution! Items I love from this brand: palettes, eyeshadow, highlighters, and bricks
  5. Red Carpet Manicure // My mom, sis, and I love doing our own GEL manicures at home. Red Carpet is my top brand to buy GEL colors! They’re fairly affordable for GEL colors and they have a big selection. Ulta sells them and they often have them on sale! Items I love from this brand: nail polish :). 

What brands are you living right now??


5 thoughts on “5 brands I’m loving 

      1. Absolutely! I particularly love the Instain blushes and the eyeshadow palettes 😉
        And I hear that the liquid lipsticks are great, but I still have to try them.

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