5 Tips for fabulous summer skin || Sponsored

Hello to all my lovely viewers! Welcome back to W&W for another wonderful Makeup Monday. Today is all about getting that perfect summer skin. Lately, I have had a really hard time with my skin so I have been investing in taking better care of my skin this season. First off, remember it's important to … Continue reading 5 Tips for fabulous summer skin || Sponsored


Staycation 2016

After sharing my favorite "Vacation Spots" I wanted to give you a little insight into what my staycation looked like. When you don't have enough money to go on an actual vacation that doesn't mean there's no vacation. I sorted through Groupon and other sale websites and found a hotel for a really good price. … Continue reading Staycation 2016

Vacation Spots || Favorites Friday

Happy Friday friends!!! Today is a good day, I'm off for a fun staycation with my sister! It's much needed and I'm so ready for it. Today in honor of my little "vacation," I thought I would share my favorite vacation spots with you! My family hasn't always had the funds to vacation every year … Continue reading Vacation Spots || Favorites Friday

When your purpose seems to be hiding

As I've said before, I'm in this awkward stage where I've graduated college but still haven't found a job. I know I'm one of numerous people who are searching and searching but coming back up empty.  If I'm honest with you, this has really started to affect my confidence and caused me to doubt  my … Continue reading When your purpose seems to be hiding

July || Ipsy Glam Bag 2016 

Happy Monday everyone!! Cheers to another great week. If you're having a hard Monday, enjoy this post about my July Ipsy bag!  Ipsy is a monthly subscription for $10 of beauty and makeup products. Every month, I get sent a new makeup bag and 5 sample size products of various brands. I have fallen in … Continue reading July || Ipsy Glam Bag 2016 

He would wash my feet

Walking in the desert, your feet are constantly dirty. You walk miles a day following the one they call the Messiah. Your "shoes" do nothing to keep the dust and mud off your feet. Your heels and toes are covered in blisters and cracked skin. You finally get to rest during the evening meal. Maybe … Continue reading He would wash my feet

{My own} Beauty Blogger Tag

Good afternoon/evening! I hope you had a beautiful weekend and are looking forward to another week. I have a Bath and Body haul post that needs to be written, but I have been MIA all day for some family reasons. So instead of rushing a fun post like that, I thought I would create and … Continue reading {My own} Beauty Blogger Tag

“This desert holds a song…”

A desert. Dry, miserable, hot, unbearable. The cracked ground blows up dirt with each step you take. No one chooses to be in the desert. Let's think of what would be considered the deserts of life. A death of a family member, financial struggle, pain, or maybe a long season of waiting. What does your … Continue reading “This desert holds a song…”