My Summer Beauty Essentials 

I’m still so happy to be back blogging again! Here in OK, summer feels like it’s been here for a month…but it technically starts TODAY! If you’ve never been to Oklahoma it’s hot like Arizona and almost as humid as Florida (some of the time). The days from June-August average probably 95-100, or hotter.

In honor of the first official day, I wanted to share my beauty summertime essentials! While most of my products are the same all year round, I have a few summer secrets and essentials to show you.

{I’ll share my overall essentials and show you what I use specifically as well.}

First up, Quality Makeup Remover Wipes. 

I use Neutrogena wipes and they are by far my favorite. Just wet enough that I don’t have to scrub to hard.  In the summer, it’s essential to have a good remover wipe! You get sweaty, dirty, and often have pool chemicals on your face. It’s so important to be sure you get all your makeup off. And it’s refreshing to wipe off your face with a cool wipe.

Secondly, A good pair of sunglasses!

 I purchased these cute shades from a store here called Versona. They were only $10 and they’re so cute! Summer is sunny and bright; I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses here- so i’d say they’re essentials for me.

Next up, Arbonne Gelée.

You might be asking, “what in the world is Gelée?” Well let me tell ya! Gelée is a incredibly body product that is my holy grail. Got bug bites? Sore muscles? Sunburn? Aches? Use Gelée! It’s a cooling gel that you can put on any of the problems I listed above. It smells like limes and summer; it’s perfect to use at all times but especially summer. If you’re interested in more info, leave me a comment! I’m really allergic to certain bug bites and this is my saving grace during the summer months. To buy it, click here.

Next up, a good body splash to keep in your purse. 

I mentioned this body spray in my May Favorites. It’s Hello Beautiful from Bath & Body Works. A body splash is key to keeping fresh in the hot summer months! I keep this spray in my purse at all times; you never know when you need to freshen up! The Oklahoma heat makes anyone sweat so I really like to keep some kind of spray with me so that I can always smell good.

Lastly, a bright lip color! 

I always love to rock a bright lip color; especially in summer. I have many (and I mean many) vivid colors to pick from during summer. A current favorite is this Fuschia Vivid Matte Liquid from Maybeline! A bold lip is always a summer essential.

Do you have any summer essentials?? Let me know in the comments!


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