See you in two weeks!

Today, I am just announcing that I am taking a two week vacation from blogging. I love my blog and I am so proud at how far it has come but I need just a little break. I don’t want to lose momentum on my blog and how its growing but I think a good break never hurt anyone.

Why am I taking a break? Blogging is hard work ya’ll. But lately I have noticed that I am focusing more on page views and share-ability than the heart of what I am writing about. I started this blog because I love to write, create, and share my heart with you. I need to refocus my own heart and mind to be able to properly pour into this blog. I need to spend more time with Jesus and remember why I started this blog in the first place.

What will I be doing during the break? Writing, reading, and worshiping ironically. My first loves where creative writing and worship. I want to spend the next two weeks immersed in those things. I need to write fiction again and stick my nose in a book. I need to get on my knees in my room and just spend time with Jesus.

I hope my friends and viewers will understand and support my mini break from blogging! Don’t worry, I’ll be back in two weeks!


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