Worship songs I loved as a 23 year old 

Like I have mentioned, my birthday is Thursday. (yay!) I was going to do some kind of random birthday inspired post, but I decided I would share a few songs that have meant a lot to me this last year. As I end my days being 23, I want to reflect on what God showed … Continue reading Worship songs I loved as a 23 year old 


Would you rather? Beauty Edition

Good afternoon friends! It's a cloudy Monday here in OK. I'm working on cleaning and decorating my room. Also, indulging in a few Birthday Cake Oreos seeing as how this is my birthday week! Today I wanted to do something different and fun! I saw a "Would you rather? Makeup edition" post on a fellow … Continue reading Would you rather? Beauty Edition

Top 4 All Sons & Daughters Songs

There are songs that immediately take you back to the moment you heard it. There are worship songs that take me back to a worship session where the presence of God was so thick that it was a powerful memory. All Sons & Daughters (ADAD) is one of those worship duos whose songs do just … Continue reading Top 4 All Sons & Daughters Songs

My Summer Beauty Essentials 

I'm still so happy to be back blogging again! Here in OK, summer feels like it's been here for a month...but it technically starts TODAY! If you've never been to Oklahoma it's hot like Arizona and almost as humid as Florida (some of the time). The days from June-August average probably 95-100, or hotter. In … Continue reading My Summer Beauty Essentials 

Random Favorites // Getting to know me

I'M BACK! I hope you have missed my presence on here, but don't worry, I am back! I really enjoyed my break but I missed blogging as well. We will be back on regular scheduling again from now on: Sunday Special, Makeup Monday, Worship Wednesday, and Favorites Friday. Today, in honor of my return, I … Continue reading Random Favorites // Getting to know me

All Sons & Daughters 

Every Thursday, I spend my day with a fun two year old and an adorable 5 month old. Like any 5 month old, he gets cranky sometimes. The child is in love with music, even at 5 months. I found a certain artist that he loves- All Sons & Daughters. On any given Thursday, I listen … Continue reading All Sons & Daughters