The seemingly never ending job hunt 

I received my degree on August 1, 2015. Since then I have applied for a countless amount of jobs, been on 5 interviews, and am still jobless. I’ve written dozens of cover letters, explained my skills, and prayed for an open door but for some reason…they all stay closed. 

Come August I will have been job hunting for over a year. At times I’ve been deeply discouraged by the lack of a job and sometimes I enjoy the time off. I try to remind myself that the economy is rough and I’m not the only college grad still looking for a job; that doesn’t always make it any easier though. 

If it was up to me, I would be settled into a great job right now, dating an amazing guy, and decorating my own house. However, I serve a God who’s plans are far greater than my own. I’m not sure why God hasn’t opened a door for a job yet, but I know that He knows better than me and I have to trust him. 

Until I find a job, I will continue to spend time with my grandparents, grow my blog, and keep my head held high. I wanted to share a few pointers for all the other college grads struggling to find a job! 

  1. Have faith – it’s easy to become discouraged but don’t lose hope! You can’t give up or take it personally when a job interview doesn’t work out. Keep your head high and your eyes set on God. 
  2. Don’t stop looking – it’s easy to just stop looking when you find out you didn’t get the 4th job you interviewed for. Keep looking. Keep applying. You never know when the right job will pop up! 
  3. Be open – I’ve applied for numerous kinds of jobs such as: social media specialist, communications manager, copy writer, PR specialist, event coordinator, etc. While my diploma reads “degree in journalism” I have applied for many different jobs in the communications field. Be willing to accept a job that might not be your perfect dream job. I’m trying to get my foot in the door, anywhere! Be open to different kinds of jobs in your field- don’t apply to just one kind. 
  4. Take the searching time and make it worth it – I try to look at this time, while I’m hunting for a job, as a blessing. I get to blog full time, read books, nanny some of the sweetest kids, and time to relax. I will admit some days I’d rather be in an office somewhere praying for a vacation but I’m trying to be positive!  
  5. Don’t be ashamed – the other day I almost passed up a chance to meet THE Carl Bernstein with some fellow graduates and professor because I didn’t want to show up and answer all the questions with “no, still no job. I’m looking though.” I was embarrassed. I knew I’d be the only one with no job. I ended up going and I’m so thankful I did. But it taught me I needed to stop being ashamed. It’s not my fault that I don’t have a job; trust me, I’m doing all I can do. 

Pray for me friends, money is tight and I really need a job but I’m continuing to trust God to provide. 

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