Favorite Friday: 5 apps for bloggers 

Hello all! We made it to another Friday! I hope today is wonderful for you. What has your week been like? Mine has been hectic! 

Today I start my new Friday theme day: Favorite Friday! This post is for all my blogger friends. Blogging sometimes feels like a full time job– you have to stay connected! I want to share my favorite 5 apps for my fellow bloggers. 

Every blogger probably has their favorite apps so all of this is just my personal thoughts and by no means a paid endorsement. This is just my actual opinion. 🙂 

  1. A Color Story     I bought the full version and all of the different packs for $7.99 and it was absolutely worth it! This takes my pictures to a whole new level. The colors you can get with this app is so lovely! This is a before and after:   
  2. WordPress   Having your blog host’s app is a crucial part! I happen to use WordPress, so of course, I have the WordPress app. This allows me to interact and do any final touches on the go with just my phone. When I have extra time I can scroll through and read other people’s posts! Super worth it in my book. 
  3. Rhonna Designs Suit                  I have the whole suit and I love it. These apps allow me to add text, filters, designs, and so much more to any picture. You have the option of in-app purchases but there are some things already provided! Rhonna also has some of the CUTEST fonts out there! 
  4. Bloglovin’    This is another app that’s great for getting your blog out there and communicating with other bloggers! I only recently downloaded this so I am still learning the ends and outs; but I am already loving it and enjoy having it on my phone for easy and fast access. 
  5. Vintique         Before Color Story came out, this was my go-to for filters. I still love this app! I purchased it for $1.99 but haven’t had to buy anything since then. This app gives you good filters and other picture editing essentials. What I love about this app is it can give your picture a nice, white border around the photo so that the whole picture is better visible for Instagram. Here’s an example:   

Those are my favorite 5 apps for bloggers, they probably change every once in a while but these are my current favs! What is your go-to app?? Let me know! 


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