Favorites Friday || Moments

All aboard the sentimental train! Happy Friday friends, I hope you are ready for the weekend. For Favorites Friday, I wanted to get a little sentimental...I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments. Moments that changed my life, moments that were...memorable 🙂 Our lives are defined by moments-both good and bad. Yesterday … Continue reading Favorites Friday || Moments

From the archives: You Split the Seas

You Split the Seas is one of my most viewed posts. I wanted to share it again today because it has really been on my mind lately. This is purely my heart spilled onto a post and I feel he need to share it again. I hope it helps you today. Feel free to share … Continue reading From the archives: You Split the Seas

Mini Tarte Haul

Welcome friends to another Makeup Monday! I am obsessed with makeup, as you know; but sometimes I am late to the game. Today I will be reviewing/giving first impressions of  2 Tarte palette's I recently purchased during their 30% off sale! I am late to the party because these palettes have been out for quite … Continue reading Mini Tarte Haul

Favorites Friday || Beauty Vloggers

Happy Friday friends! I hope your week went well and fast. Today is another "Favorites Friday!" I am really loving this theme day, how about you?? If you know me at all, you know I am currently obsessed with YouTube. I have fallen in love with vlogs and watching tutorials and anything like that! Today … Continue reading Favorites Friday || Beauty Vloggers

The day that shook Oklahoma

A clear and beautiful April morning in Oklahoma. A seemingly normal day—possibly started off boring or uneventful. But it only took one minute to change Oklahoma for the rest of time. One minute to kill 168 innocent lives and wounding many, many more.  The blast of the truck bomb felt and heard all throughout the city. … Continue reading The day that shook Oklahoma

oldies but goodies || hymns 

As a worship leader, sometimes I struggle with including both modern worship songs and old, classic hymns in services I lead.  Personally, I like a mix. Modern worship songs seem easy for me to sing but nothing beats a hymn.  Often, in many churches, hymns are overlooked and not utilized as much as I think … Continue reading oldies but goodies || hymns 


   No one likes to wait. We have instant gratification all around us—microwaves to heat our food instantly, iTunes to purchase music at any moment, and even dating websites to connect us immediately. Lately, however, I feel like all I have been doing is waiting. Waiting for a husband. Waiting for a job. Waiting, waiting, … Continue reading Waiting.