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Let’s all pretend it is nighttime…I head to bed and what all do I do? What all do I use? Well, I thought I would share with you guys exactly that: my nighttime essentials! I think we all, most likely, have things we use habitually at night, I know I do. I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my nightly routine!

According to Sleepedia, a few things that make sleep better are proper pillows, mattress, and comforters. That is always my first essential: a good sleeping area. I love fluffy comforters, thin feathery pillows, and a mattress that is both hard and soft. Don’t forget that your sleeping conditions greatly affect your sleep!

First up, washing my face! Lately, I have been battling some really irritated skin that has been continually breaking out. It’s frustrating because I have worse skin now as apposed to when I was in high school. So, I have started using a new trio to combat my problem skin. Clean and Clear Essentials Daily Skincare Kit is what I have been using and I am really enjoying it.  It starts with a cleanser and I use a washcloth. Step 2 is a deep cleansing astringent which is a step that I had previously not been doing until now and I forgot what an important step it was! The final step is a dual action moisturizer–NEVER neglect your moisturizer.

DSC_0364 (2)

Then of course I brush my teeth with a normal boring toothpaste and get in bed! There is where the rest of my essentials come up. I always brush my hair through; and right now I am obsessed with my tangle teezer. (I lost this a few nights ago and had to use my normal brush. I didn’t realize how much my tangle teezer helped until I didn’t have it!) 

DSC_0382 (2)

Probably one of my favorite nighttime essentials is myArbonne Sleep Well Spray. This spray is incredible. I have a hard time going to sleep and at times I used to dread heading to bed because it was so frustrating not being able to sleep. Arbonne Sleep Spray is pure and safe. It is describes as, “easy-to-take, convenient lemony sleep spray delivers an effective dose of melatonin and a botanical blend to support your journey to dreamland.” I love this because it is safer than taking other nighttime aid or pain reliever PM and is non-habit forming. Just a few squirts in my mouth and off to sleep I go.

DSC_0380 (2)

Finally, comes the last two steps and my last two essentials. I apply salve and lotion to my hands right before I fall asleep. I am really loving the C.O. Bigelow Rose SalveI apply this to my cuticles and elbows almost every night and sometimes my lips or knees if they are dry. The salve has a light rose smell to it and it is such a soft luscious feeling on your skin.

Last but not least-lotion! Currently, I am using PINK Fresh & Clean. It is honestly a little too perfume-y for me but I bought it for the container so I am just using the lotion inside and will replace it with a more hydrating and useful lotion when I am done. I loved the look of the lotion container and the color. But I end the night with some of that on my hands then lay down and watch a little Netlfix as I fall asleep!

DSC_0372 (2).JPG

Also, I can’t go to sleep without some puppy snugs from my “niece” Paisley.

Do you have any nighttime essentials? What are your favorite lotions that I can replace in my container when I am done?? Let me know, I’d love to hear your essentials!!


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