Giving Back (Cotopaxi Awareness)

In a world that is full of selfish desires, I want to be known for someone that is about giving back and having a heart for other people. I am so proud that there are still people in our society that aim to do good. Toms, Warby Parker, and Yoobi are all known for their mission to do good and give back to others with their profits and purchases.

Recently, I was contacted by Cotopaxi and at the time was clueless to the company and their mission. What I learned is that Cotopaxi is a great company with a heart and a mission for giving back. Their tagline on the website reads “Cotopaxi- gear for good.” This company sells adventure gear and outdoor products. The sales of these items then “funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. Giving is core to our model,” (Taken from the Cotopaxi website).


Now I am no business major nor an expert in companies. So I don’t know the fine details of what this company does and how they do it. But I do know that their goal is to help the world’s poverty stricken places by addressing the most persistent needs such as: education, livelihoods, and health. This formula for giving back is something I have get to see in a company yet.

This company reminds me a little bit of sponsoring a child. You don’t just buy them a specific object (which is still incredibly helpful) but you help them have means to live, be educated, and healthy. And YOU can be a part of that by buying something from them. I’m not really a nature-outdoorsy-kinda person…but there’s many things Cotopaxi sells that I would like such as: their water bottle, their mug, and their backpack. If you aren’t currently giving back but you want too, please check out Cotopaxi. There is something for everyone!

I believe you can worship in many different ways. One of those is to give back and take care of the least of these. God calls us to give back, help out, and share His Gospel. Sometimes we think there is no way for us to give back—but there is always something we can do! Cotopaxi shows us that! Here are a few suggestions for giving back:

buy something from Cotopaxi

buy a pair of toms

sponsor a child

give away your old clothes and other valuables

volunteer at a local homeless shelter

give a donation to a missionary family

I encourage you to take a look at Cotopaxi’s products and consider purchasing something. Remember that your purchase will help someone in need live a more fulfilling and healthy life. I’m so thankful for the chance to share this amazing company with you! I have a feeling that many of you, like me, had never even heard of this company that is trying to make a difference across the world. If you buy something, let me know what and how you like it!


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