Meet Sarah! {Guest post}

Hey, yall! I’m Sarah from the blog, Cunningham Love Story (


Cunningham Love Story is a lifestyle blog about life, love & basically anything else that tickles my fancy! Hilary emailed me the other day & asked me if I wanted to guest post on her blog today (as well as her guest posting on my blog!). I, of course, said “heck yeah!” because I’ve known Hilary since elementary school. If you guys don’t know it yet, this blogging community is amazing. It’s so great to connect with fellow bloggers who share the same passion for writing as you do. Hilary is definitely a great writer & I’m so honored to be featured on her blog today!

So a little bit about Cunningham Love Story & myself…

-It all began when my husband, Andrew, & I used the name “Cunningham Love Story” as the hashtag at our wedding. I had been eager to start a blog for a long time & was trying to come up with a good name. I was reminiscing on how we fell in love & suddenly realized I wanted to use Cunningham Love Story as the name to share our love story, our life & pretty much anything else that can fall under the technical term, “lifestyle.” 😉

-Andrew & I have been married almost 2 years coming up this May. We have the most adorable puppy you’ll ever see. His name is Murphy & he’s a cockapoo. I’m obsessed with him & talk about him all the time on my blog.

-I’m a volunteer, homemaker & blogger. And my favorite things in life include coffee, Grey’s Anatomy, blogging & more coffee.

-Cunningham Love Story will celebrate its first blog anniversary on March 1st this year! (Yay!)

-My favorite blogger is Helene from the blog Helene in Between ( I’ve seriously learned so much from her this past year. She is such an inspiration to us bloggers & I think she’s awesome.

-I’m probably one of the most sarcastic people you’ll ever meet. When you read my blog, often you can see the sarcasm in it.. If not, you’re probably reading it wrong.

-I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime already, & I absolutely love sharing it with my readers. One of the reasons why I love sharing it is because I want my readers to know what an amazing God I serve & how His overwhelming grace never fails.

So there you have it, a little bit about me, myself & Cunningham Love Story. I’d love for you to follow along! First 20 people to follow me today get a FREE PUPPY! Just kidding. Maybe. And since you’re going to follow me, check out the post on Cunningham Love Story that Hilary wrote. You’ll be blown away. Until next time, Writings & Worship folks.

Much Love, Sarah

P.S. Join the club!
Facebook: Cunningham Love Story Instagram: @sarcunningham Twitter: @sarcunningham1

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