A letter to my future husband

You might not know me now, but you’ll know me at some point. At some point in our lives God will bring us together and we will realize all this time spent single was worth it. Right now it feels like we might never meet. Right now it feels like our happily ever after might not come. I work daily to lay my future at the feet of our Lord and remember that His timing is perfect and mine is flawed.

I wonder sometimes if we have already met, do we interact without realizing one day we might be together forever? Maybe we just aren’t ready to have each other yet. As hard as waiting is, I don’t want to find each other when we aren’t prepared.

Do you think about me? I think about you. When I’m the only one in a group that doesn’t have someone, I long to know your name. When I watch others fall in love and get married, I long to just know when it might be me.

Our love won’t be easy. Our love won’t always feel like a fairytale. And our love won’t always be what I had always wanted. But it’ll be ours and it’ll be enough. With God at the center of our relationship, we will love Him, love each other, and love others. We will seek God and live our life together.

I’m sorry for the many times I will overreact. I’m sorry for the fights we will have. And I’m sorry that I might be hard to deal with. Because I have been single for so long, it might be hard to let you love and care for me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t found you yet. I’m sorry for the expectations I have already in my head that aren’t fair to you.

I wish today, that I knew your name. I wish I knew for sure you were out there somewhere. I try not to focus on you because I know I must trust in the Lord. But I pray for you, and He knows my heart. And whether I like it or not, His plan for my life is better than mine own.

I hope you know how much I love you already, and now much I try to guard my heart for you. I want to be everything you need and more. I pray that God continues to work in us both so when the right time comes, we find each other.

Until then my love,

Your future wife

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  • Reply Edward

    This was very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    When God is at the center of any relationship, all storms can be weathered. As you said, waiting for the timing is every bit as important as waiting on the “who” in the equation.

    Very well written.

    February 10, 2016 at 2:07 am
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