January Favorites 2016

Hello friends! I have fallen in LOVE with watching and reading peoples monthly favorites vlogs and blogs…so I thought I would start my own! This is a miss match of random things that I have loved throughout the month of January-from beauty to books to netflix shows. So, here we go!

  • Netflix Favorite- 

I have lately been watching two shows on Netlfix last month… Vampire Diaries and Frasier. I had never seen Vampire Diaries so I gave up the fight and started it last month…I’m hooked. And Frasier is always a go to for me.

  • All things BEAUTY- 


I have been loving some great beauty and makeup products this last month.

Urban Decay- Gwen Stefani Eye-Shadow Palette31abadcc-634b-4d45-91cc-41cf3220a6b1 I could talk about this palette for forever…it is the first “high priced” palette I have ever owned and I couldn’t be happier with it. I am planning to talk more in depth about this palette in an upcoming makeup monday, so stay tuned for more info!

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion- DSC_0008This is amazing! I bought this at Ulta and it is the travel sized for only $12 because I wanted to see if it was worth it…when I run out I am definitely buying the bigger size. It helps my eye-shadow on all day! I tend to be an eye rubber so this is an amazing products for me.

Olay All Day Moisturizer 5403025f-dfed-4792-a71a-da06d2252a8d           I have recently realized I needed a good moisturizer and this is the one I have been using. I put it on at morning and night because my skin is so dry right now. This has SPF in it, which is always good. I honestly picked this one because it was for sensitive skin. Back in the middle of January I had an allergic reaction to something and my eyes watered and watered that the skin all around got chapped so I really needed something for sensitive skin.

Equate Pink Grapefruit Foaming Acne Scrub180ebcf7-0411-4cc7-91b9-6fa018ea183aI always thought that bad skin and blemishes stopped after high school. Nope. Not the case. My skin has been really bad lately, and I had ran out of all my other skin care stuff. I picked this up at Walmart and I like it so far. It foams well and makes my skin feel clean {and it actually smells like fresh grapefruit}

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara c8879629-22d3-4825-9df2-a7560c54c8b3 I am so picky about my mascara. This one I actually saw on someone else’s monthly favorite videos a few months ago. I honestly really like this kind of mascara- Maybelline always does a good mascara. It lengthens without clumping.

MAC LipsticDSC_0009 The two shades I own are MAC Red and Viva La Glam II. The red is a classic and perfect red. The Viva is a lovely nude color. Both are so perfect for many different looks!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 

 I love this powder. I use the translucent powder just to set my foundation and concealer. I honestly just love this powder. I highly recommend this. And its really affordable for about $4.

  • Drinks

My favorite drink lately has been Honest Tea- Mango Acai White Tea. It’s now retired and I am very upset! It was such a great tea. But I am excited to try some more Honest teas. My best friend just alerted me to a sale at Sprouts…I can’t wait! 

There are others, but these were my top favorites! I’m already making the list for this month. Hope you enjoyed! 




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