Why worship? 

Whether corporately or privately, worship has been an important part of my relationship with Christ  for as long as I can remember. Worship has always been second nature to me, an extension of who I am. But for many of you, you might not understand why I worship and why I talk about it all the time. I wanted to explain a little bit the reasons why I love worship.

Disclaimer: For the sake of this post, when I refer to worship I mean the act of singing and praising the Lord. Worship isn’t just about music, by any means. But for today’s post, that’s what I’m referring too. In this post, I am also referring to the art of participating in worship…stay tuned for a post about leading worship.

So why do I worship? First, I worship because the Bible commands us too. Psalm 150:6 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” I believe that God has called us to worship Him, so I worship. And not just because I’m “forced” to but because my heart longs for it. My heart longs and yearns to worship Jesus.

Secondly, I worship because in His presence, I feel even closer to my Savior. There’s nothing like being in the presence of the Lord. The God that made the mountains, the heavens, and me…He is almighty and all knowing and yet He longs for me, calling me to Him. Worship is a way I stay connected to Christ-much like prayer.

Thirdly, because I write and sing, worship is a great way for me to show the Lord what’s on my heart (even though he already knows). Worship is also an expression of my thanksgiving and gratitude- I’m praising Him for everything He does and will do.

Which brings us to the most important reason, I worship The Lord because He deserves it. The Lord has saved me from an eternity of torment and given me hope and salvation. He deserves much more than I could give Him…but I can at least give Him the praise and worship He deserves. While most people think worship is for us (which I can understand because worship helps us and keeps us focused). Worship is ultimately about God and the praise He deserves.

I hope this shed some light on why worship is such an important part of my life. img_6903

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