February Favorites 2016

Hello friends! Can you believe it's almost March?? Time is flying by. But the end of the month is one of my favorite times because I get to share my monthly favorites! I find it hard to narrow down just a few items each month---but I did it! All things Entertainment--- Everybody Loves Raymond- I … Continue reading February Favorites 2016

Meet Katelyn! {Guest Post}

Hi Writings and Worship readers! I’m Katelyn, from KatelynBlogs (katelynblogs.com). Today Hilary and I are guest posting on each other's blogs so we can introduce ourselves! I love Writings and Worship and was honored when Hilary approached me with this guest post opportunity because I am a fairly new blogger. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned … Continue reading Meet Katelyn! {Guest Post}

Giving Back (Cotopaxi Awareness)

In a world that is full of selfish desires, I want to be known for someone that is about giving back and having a heart for other people. I am so proud that there are still people in our society that aim to do good. Toms, Warby Parker, and Yoobi are all known for their … Continue reading Giving Back (Cotopaxi Awareness)

Favorite Makeup Brands: high end

Ya'll know I love drugstore makeup. In fact, that's probably the most of what I own. I love makeup that I can afford and that won't make me break the bank. But I am also a firm believer in spoiling yourself for certain high quality essentials. There are a few brands that I will save … Continue reading Favorite Makeup Brands: high end

5 shows to watch on Netflix

   Who doesn't love a little Netflix?? I know I do. I probably spend way...way...too much time watching Netflix. I seems to find a show and watch every single episode in two days. If you are like me, you feel both guilt and pride at the fact that you can finish a whole series in … Continue reading 5 shows to watch on Netflix

Fictional characters I wish were my friends {part 1}

Do you ever read a book and fall in love with a character? Or maybe know instantly that you would be good friends with a character? If you are a book nerd like me you will probably understand these feelings of attachment we get to the characters in the books. I have several characters that … Continue reading Fictional characters I wish were my friends {part 1}

You don’t miss a thing.

I wanted to talk about a worship song by Bethel called "You don't miss a thing." I strongly encourage you to listen to it if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzn2inZ3URE This is a song that I had heard before and then one day, the power of it just hit me! My favorite line in the whole … Continue reading You don’t miss a thing.

My Favorite Lipsticks!

Welcome back friends to another Makeup Monday! I hope you had a lovely Vday and weekend. Today I wanted to talk about the LIPS! I was never a lipstick wearer until recently. Now, I'm a bit obsessed. I have many many lipsticks and yet-I can't help buying just a few more when I see one … Continue reading My Favorite Lipsticks!

Tips for singles on Valentines Day

   Happy love day everyone! I am a firm believer that Valentines Day is not just for romantic love but for friendship and family love as well. My sister and I always celebrate "Sistertines" since we are both single. Growing up my dad never failed to celebrate us and make us feel special on Valentines … Continue reading Tips for singles on Valentines Day

Meet Sarah! {Guest post}

Hey, yall! I’m Sarah from the blog, Cunningham Love Story (cunninghamlovestory.com). Cunningham Love Story is a lifestyle blog about life, love & basically anything else that tickles my fancy! Hilary emailed me the other day & asked me if I wanted to guest post on her blog today (as well as her guest posting on … Continue reading Meet Sarah! {Guest post}