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Hello friends! It’s Monday and you know what that means! Today I am traveling so I am currently writing this in a hotel. I wish I was home and could take some pictures of the actual products but I can’t. It will still be a good post, ya’ll.

I have fallen in love with Arbonne. If you don’t know, Arbonne is a known for making pure, safe, and beneficial products. Arbonne sells skincare, makeup, health and wellness, baby products, and much more! I wanted to share a few of my essentials from Arbonne.

Renewing Body Gelee 


This is glorious. It is a cooling gel that helps sore muscles, mesquite bites,  and much more. I use this for tension headaches and it saved me during summer with any bug bites. I don’t like to go without this stuff! I promise you it will be like a miracle gel!

Perfecting Liquid Foundation 


I have used a lot of different kinds of foundation in my makeup years. I have tried just powder, liquid, you name it! This is honestly the best foundation I have ever found. It is by far my favorite. It goes on nice and give me a flawless look without caking on. I refuse to wear anything else now!

Sleep Well Spray 


Oh yes! I have trouble going to sleep a lot of the time. I was hesitant about this, I really didn’t think it would work. IT DOES! This has melatonin in it and it helps you go to sleep and stay asleep! It is a lemon flavored spray and you swallow up to 7 pumps depending on how long you need to sleep. I forgot this on the trip I am on right now, and I am suffering! I miss it already.

Makeup Primer 


This product feels like silk on your skin. I love putting it on not just because it helps my makeup stay on and in place for the day, but because it feels so good on my skin! I have really enjoyed this primer. It helps set up my face and get it ready for makeup. If you have never tried any primer, try this!

It’s a long story- Mascara


I treasure my eyelashes. I find that they are my favorite part of my face. I also have eyelashes that fall out really easily so I have to take extreme caution with what I put on them. This mascara is one of the best mascara’s I have ever used (and I have tried a LOT of mascara’s). It doesn’t clump and it extends my eyelashes to make them look long and luscious.

Well, those are my all time Arbonne essentials. If you are interested in any products you can shop on my website If you have any questions let me know!

*This is not just a post to get you to buy from me. These are all products I use consistently and highly recommend*



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