Hello! It’s Sunday special! I wanted to take today and share a few things about me. I have new followers and such so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my quirks! Who wants boring facts when I can share some silly quirks. 

1. I can’t stand nail polish chipping. I will redo and redo my nails because I can’t stand when nail polish is half on and half off. 

2. I am an obsessive coffe mug and wine glass buyer. I don’t even drink wine. But I can’t pass up drinking out of a fancy glass! I have many mugs and wine glasses but I keep buying them. 

3. I can’t stand clutter on my phone. I have to open my emails and all notifications because I don’t like having it cluttered or backed up. But while my phone is organized my car is a disaster. 

4. I love the smell of candles. But I’m almost scared to burn them because then they’ll be gone! But normally I give in because there’s nothing better then candles. 

5. I prefer to clean house alone. Don’t ask me why! But I feel like I get more done when I work alone. But I’ll never turn down help. 

6. I never listen to radio. I can’t stand it! I only listen to CDs, my phone, or audiobooks in my car. 

7. I pick Netflix over TV any day. Even if I watch most of the same stuff again and again. 

8. I love to read. But sometimes I can’t get myself to finish a book. Or start new books. 

We all have quirks, what are some of yours?? 


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