Christmas Traditions

Christmas-my favorite holiday. My favorite time of year! Every family has their own traditions. We are products of how we were raised. I think the way we were raised influences us in many ways. So the traditions I was raised with are still very important to me, and I thought I would share a few of my families Christmas traditions with you! 

We put up the tree as a family right after Thanksgiving. We make snack foods for dinner, including cream cheese and olive sandwiches. Those sandwiches are from my dads family history. We decorate while watching White Christmas. When we are finished we drink homemade hot chocolate and turn all the lights off and watch another movie while admiring our beautiful tree. And boy do I love our tree and our decorations. It’s moments like these that I’m thankful I still live at home. 
Since I was in high school some friends and I have went and seen Christmas lights every year. We go eat, get bundled up, and take lots and lots of silly pictures. This tradition has brought many many wonderful memories. 



Every Christmas Eve, my family and I (grandparents included) go to a new and semi-fancy restaurant. We’ve done this for as long as I can remember. We try and pick new, fun places every year so that every year is a new experience. 
After we finish dinner, we go home and we open the only present that will ever be allowed on Christmas Eve… PAJAMAS! My mom always buys us Christmas pajamas so that we look cute and festive on Christmas morning. After we change into our new PJs, my dad reads the story of Jesus’ birth…the real reason for Christmas. My sister and me always stay in the same room for Christmas (yes, even in our twenties) even when we lived at different places we would always stay together that one night. This is always one of my favorite parts. At six years apart my sister spent many years being as “excited” as I was for Santa to come and making my Christmas the best ones they could be. 

As a family, we usually watch other Christmas movies as well! Stay tuned for a blog about my favorite Christmas movies coming soon! 😉 

Merry Christmas y’all! xo 


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