Why do tragedies happen? We were watching home videos of my sister and I's childhood and then we were struck with the face of tragedy. The camera was showing people we greatly missed, and people we lost way too soon. When I was young, my family had some great friends. Long story short, the father … Continue reading Tragedy


Coming Soon!!

We are a few days away from a brand new year! How can that be? This year has flown by. I'm so excited for 2016! I am excited to announce the launch of some exciting things for Writings and Worship. Starting January 1st, I will be posting weekly posts! I've created some fun and exciting … Continue reading Coming Soon!!

College Graduation

As you probably know, I received my degree back in August but I was just finally able to participate in Winter Commencement. I really did not want to do it honestly. My family pretty much forced me to participate. For some reason, I was just really not wanting to go through it all. But, I … Continue reading College Graduation

You’re Here

What is Christmas really about?    Is it about the gifts? Lights? Santa? Food? How about none of the above. I’ve been trying to think of a way to express to you all what Christmas means to me. Recently, I was listening to a Christmas song called “You’re Here” by Francesca Battistelli. If you haven’t … Continue reading You’re Here

Christmas Traditions

Christmas-my favorite holiday. My favorite time of year! Every family has their own traditions. We are products of how we were raised. I think the way we were raised influences us in many ways. So the traditions I was raised with are still very important to me, and I thought I would share a few … Continue reading Christmas Traditions