Fall Favorites

I share many of my favorite things on my blog. I think they’re fun and a great way for you to see a little bit of me. Fall is probably my favorite season. So I wanted to share some of my fall favorites! 

1. Hot baths that include lush bath bombs 

I’ve recently fallen in LOVE with lush products. I’m a little obsessed to be honest. But there is nothing better than a hot bath on cool fall days. What’s your favorite bath bomb?? (First 2 images are the golden wonder. The last one intergalactic bomb)    

2. Hot drinks 

I love cider, hot tea, pumpkin spice lattes, and all kinds of coffee. I don’t discriminate. 

3. Dark lipstick 

My current new favorite is a deep purple- Revlon 027 violet frenzy and I pair it with a clear Rimmel London stay glossy gloss.  

4. Family Time 

I love my family. So any excuse to spend more and more time with them is great. 

5. Frosted Windows (when I’m not running late) 

Have you ever just stopped and looked at how pretty the frost is on your windows in the morning? I love it. It’s so pretty!  

6. Leaves.

Leaves leaves leaves. Who doesn’t love bright colored leaves right before they fall. This fall season has brought so many colored trees out. Simply breathtaking.  

What are your fall favorites??? I want to hear from you. 

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