Hello November 

Wow! It’s a few hours away from being November 1st. Where did October go? When did November get here? It really came way too fast. 

In school, I always felt like time lagged on. But since I’ve graduated, the weeks are flying by. Pretty soon I will be fully jobless and I’m struggling with that fact. But on the bright side, this is my favorite time of year. Fall, Christmas, winter…I love it all! And I am going to be using this time to grow my blog, work on my photography, and write write write! 

I’m taking this month to share about me: Hilary Parr! I want you to know the writer behind the blog. On Twitter and my Instagram (both of which you can follow by pressing the buttons to the left) I’ll be using the hashtag #behindtheblogger and giving you some facts about me! Not just the blogger me, but the whole person. 

I want to chat with you and get to know you, so tweet me if you have any questions! Let’s get to know each other, shall we? Who’s wants to join my November challenge of getting to know the person behind the blog?? 

XO, happy November y’all! 

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