What is Writings and Worship?

Hello friends! I thought I should take a few minutes to share what my inspiration and goal is for Writings and Worship. I want you to know my vision and the purpose for this blog, just in case you haven’t figured it out! I have a few main goals for this blog overall.

First, my uttermost goal is to show Christ through every post and every word I write. I want to write with integrity and honor no matter what I write about. You will always see my faith in my posts; I won’t hide it. Whether I am talking about Netflix or worship–Christ will be at the center of it.

Secondly my tag line reads as this: “Professional writing, fiction writing, thoughts on worship, and lifestyle posts.” This is to show you the wide range of things you will see on my site. I want to talk about all kinds of things! Here are a few examples of what you might see:

 Professional writings: column and feature type stories, journalism stories, PR                      writing examples, etc.

Fiction writing: excerpts of my fiction writing, discussion of fiction writing or                          fiction stories, rants about my favorite fiction stories.

Thoughts on worship: Things the Lord has placed on my heart; normally always                discussing worship. Reviews or discussions on new worship. My own worship                  writings, etc.

Lifestyle Posts: Fun things and random thoughts! While I love to talk about news                 and worship, I also love to talk about my favorite things, Netflix, Lush, and many                 other things going on in my life.

So while one day you might read a serious post about a recent tragedy, or a feature on a person: be prepared-the next day you might be uplifted with a fun list of my top favorite Netflix movies. While I have a strong direction for this blog, I don’t want to be constrained by my own description.

The inspiration for this blog came from the idea that I wanted to integrate two of the biggest things in my life: writings of all kind and worship/my faith. Along the way I realized I wanted to also write about fun things like my favorite products.

My overall goal is to share my heart and my passion with you. I have a talent for writing, so I write! I want you to see my heart in every post (which explains why I write about a little of everything). I want you to be informed, encouraged, and inspired by my posts. This blog is a mirror of my life in many ways, and it is my pride and joy at the moment.

I hope something I have written has challenged you or made you smile in some way (if so, feel free to share with me!) Writings and Worship is a place for you to read many different things, but my hope is that you always see my heart for Christ in what I do.


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