My {Momentary} Favorite Things

Hello y’all! I hope you are enjoying fall so far. I have been MIA for a while, Sorry! I have been sick and busy. But don’t fret, I am back. I thought I would share something fun. I know everyone loves lists as much as I do, right? So I thought I would share my {momentary} favorite things. I say momentary because lets be honest: my favorite things change alllll the time!!!

  1. My Favorite Mascara: Arbonne- its a long story–holy cow! I’ve talked about it before and I probably will again. It is by far the best mascara I have ever used…my eyelashes are my favorite thing about my face, so I have to take good care of them.
  2. My Favorite Worship Song: Soar by Meredith Andrews–it’s more contemporary Christian but the lyrics are so inspiring I can’t help but worship as I sing along. Look up this song on iTunes, you won’t be sorry!! (There isn’t a very good youtube video, so just go buy it!)
  3. My Favorite Song: Solider by Gavin Degraw– I know I know, its not a very new song. But I recently bought it and LOVE it! I have always been a Gavin fan.
  4. My Favorite Show: Blue Bloods and Flashpoint–I’ve been watching both on Netflix lately, I highly recommend them both! I love crime shows and these are both very good. I may or may not be binge watching blue bloods right now.
  5. My Favorite Book: The Noble Legacy Series by Susan May Warren– these are inspiring well written books. Reclaiming Nick, Taming Rafe, and Finding Stephanie are three of my top favorite books right now. They are Christian romance and some mystery thrown in there. AND they are about cowboys, good hard-working cowboys. What else could you want in a book? But really, buy these books somewhere soon. If you like reading, you’ll be so drawn in to these characters.
  6. My Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Dr. Pepper Icee–I could drink these everyday if I could. I don’t care how cold it gets outside either, I can always take one of these! I have always loved these since I was little and I still do!
  7. My Favorite Clothing Item: CARDIGANS!!! It’s finally starting to feel like fall here (sometimes) so I have brought out my cardigans and I am loving it! Although, sometimes it gets really warm in them in the afternoon, I survive. They are by far my favorite item to wear!
  8. My Favorite Nail Color: now that it is officially fall, bring on the dark nails! I love neon in the summer and dark in the fall. I usually wear black, red or dark purple during this time of the year. I seem to wear the same three colors most of the time.
  9. My Favorite Quote: “Stop trying so hard to change the world, and let God change the world through you.” – Susan May Warren in Taming Rafe.
  10. My Favorite Photo: I live in the country. So of course when I drove past a cluster of beautiful sunflowers, I of course pull over and jump into the tall grass and take some pictures. I was covered in stickers but the photos were worth it! Here’s one of them!
  11. My favorite pass-time: I must confess…I am addicted to watching a few YouTube vloggers especially Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and the Saccone Joly Family.  Zoe is just a real girl who talks about her life as well as beauty tips. The Saccone Joly Fam is such a cute and fun family!! Check out their channels here and here(zoella).

I hope you all enjoyed!! What are your momentary favorite things??


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  • Reply Brie Smith

    I love this! I have 7 out of the 11 on my list too. Flashpoint, by the way, is the best show to watch if you are having to deal with teennagers and if you love Arbonne’s mascara then you have to trying the holliday purple mascara it’s amazing!

    October 10, 2015 at 2:33 am
  • Reply dominiquearondeau

    Love your list!

    October 10, 2015 at 3:06 pm
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