Fall bucket list 

  I. Love. Fall. I never used to when I was younger, it was like the season that kept me away from Christmas. But lately, it has quickly became my favorite season of all. I’m a sucker for a scarf, red leaves, and a big cup of hot tea. So I thought I would make a fall bucket list! 

1. Buy new combat boots (RIP to my old black pair that had to be tossed)

2. Drink up all the PSL I can.. I know I know..typical white girl.

3. Take some pretty autumn pictures. 

4. Branch out and use some warm colored lipsticks. 

5. Take a hayride! 

6. Carve a pumpkin. 

7. Buy new scarves I really don’t need. 

8. Take walks with my puppies (when it’s not 105 outside) 

9. Scary movie marathon! 

10. Write on my grandparents back porch with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee. 

11. Break out my dark nail polishes! (Goodbye neons)  

12. Learn to wear beanies. 

13. Read a book by the fire! 

14. Enjoy the season before it’s gone. 
What would be on your list friends? What’s your favorite season? Let me know! 


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