Graduation Vacation: photography 

Hello friends! I am back from an incredible cruise on the Navigator of the seas! It was much needed and I wish I was still on the white sand beach of Jamaica with my family. But of course, all good things must come to an end. 

Coming back from vacation is always hard. So to help with my withdrawal, I thought I would blog about some of my trip. It will be a series of posts throughout the week! This first one, I wanted to share some of the photography I took while we were away. Sunsets, beaches, crystal clear water…all Gods masterpieces just waiting to be photographed! So sit back and enjoy the images of the beautiful things I saw while on vacation. 

1. This was taken at the port in Jamaica. The colors were so vibrant. 

2.   Sunset from the first night we were on the ship. What a way to start vacation! 

3.   Incredible water coming into a rock beach in Cozumel, Mexico. 

4.   This photo is so beautiful in black and white- calm waters under the bright sun! (Somewhere on international waters) 

5.   Red stripe beach in Falmouth Jamaica. 

6.   Heading in a bus to the beach in Jamaica, I snapped this picture overlooking the water. (That was one of the bumpiest rides I have ever taken)

7.   First time to use my waterproof iPhone case, and it was perfect! Love this half under half above the ocean shot. 

8.   Our ship! This was taken while on the tender that took us to the port in Grand Cayman. 

9.   Guilty…I LOVE contrast. And emphasis on light and dark. 

10.  Hello Grand Cayman! 
Stay tuned for more insight into my graduation vacation! I’m excited to share some of my favorite moments. Until later this week! 


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